5 Tips to Eliminate Urine Odors from the Bathroom


Natural Air Fresheners


Why? Chemical-based air fresheners can sometimes mix with odors rather than eliminating them.

How? Opt for natural odor absorbers like activated charcoal bags or baking soda. These can be placed discreetly in the bathroom and will absorb unwanted smells.

Upgrade Your Toilet


Why? Over time, old toilets can harbor odors, especially in the crevices and seals.

How? Consider replacing older toilets or at least changing the wax ring seal, which can trap odors over time.

Ventilation is Vital


Why? Proper ventilation ensures that odors don’t linger.

How? Ensure your bathroom fan is in working order, and use it during and after bathroom use. If possible, crack open a window occasionally to allow fresh air to circulate.

Essential Oil Boost


Why? Essential oils not only provide a pleasant aroma but also have antibacterial properties that can combat odor-causing bacteria.

How? Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (like lavender or eucalyptus) into the toilet bowl or make a DIY spray by mixing water, a bit of witch hazel, and essential oils.


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