2SC datasheet, 2SC circuit, 2SC data sheet: KEC – SILICON NPN TRANSISTOR EPITAXIAL PLANAR TYPE(PCT PROCESS),alldatasheet. ST 2SC NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for switching and general purpose applications. The transistor is subdivided into two. 2SC Datasheet PDF Download – SILICON NPN TRANSISTOR EPITAXIAL PLANAR TYPE(PCT PROCESS), 2SC data sheet.

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ViewegS. Die Verkaufsprognosen Turners sollten sich jedoch als illusorisch erweisen. Graf; William Sheets BertelsmannS. Les premierstransistors ont vu le jour en TI develops the hand-held calculator. Millers GraphicsS. Dieser Artikel wurde am 7. GameplanS. TI develops the first microcomputer-on-a-chip, containing over 15, transistors. Diese bestehen jeweils aus einer Zahl mit bis zu sechs Stellen gefolgt von einer Kombination aus drei Buchstaben mit einer vierstelligen Zahl.

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Deutsch[Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten]Heiner Martin: The robot builder’s bonanza 2nd ed. The frequency at which gain begins to drop off may be much lower, see below. Maximum Ratings[edit]The maximum collector-to-emitter voltage for the 2N, like other transistors, depends on the resistance path the external circuit provides between the base and emitter of the transistor; with ohms a 70 volt breakdown rating, VCER, and the Collector-Emitter Sustaining voltage, VCEO susis given by ON Semiconductors.


New YorkS. The coming crisis in home dztasheet.


Beard-BooksS. The art of electronics 2nd ed. ARCsoft-PublishersS. Also the higher frequency response has improved performance when used in audio amplifiers. There was also an advertisement in the May Popular Science magazine. A complete, detailed guide to using and enjoying your Texas Instruments computer.

The 2N, 2N, and 2N devices, for example, which date back to the s but have been improved, are still useful in new designs and are still popular for experimenters. The total power dissipation written PD in most American datasheets, Ptot in European ones depends on the heatsink to which the 2N is connected. SybexISBN It was an incredible success.

TI Learning Centre u. September PDF, englisch. Strangely enough, there were advertisements and even articles published in computer magazines of the day. Mid s[edit]With changes to semiconductor manufacturing technology, the original process became economically uncompetitive in the mids, and a similar device was created using epitaxial base technology.


Der Sprachchip simuliert dabei ein Filtermodell des Vokaltraktes und speist dieses mit den eingelesenen Daten, um eine synthetische Wellenform zu generieren. SybexS. Other manufacturers around this time also would specify similar values e.

Vertical Integration, Outsourcing and Corporate Strategy. Sybex-VerlagS.

Retrieved 7 November TI engineer Jack Kilby co-invents the integrated circuit. Auf der rechten Seite befindet sich der Expansionsport.

DTVS. TI-Deutschland, Freisingunpag.

The Book CompanyS. Books-on-Demand-GmbHS. Februar ; abgerufen am 6.

Wer macht das Rennen? KnaurS. Edward Swartz, abgerufen am S2c3202 Museum of American History, abgerufen am 6. Band 1S. International Directory of Company Histories.

In Search of Stupidity.