Tieflings and other plane-touched are descended from a wide variety of sources. Human/Rilmani: A rare mating, but the offspring will be aasimar, tiefling or. The standard Aasimar is a human-celestial hybrid, but there is a sidebar on the SRD that describes non-human Aasimar. In short: Non-human. Nov 27, Explore Steve McWhorter’s board “Aasimar Tiefling Genasi” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Character ideas, Character art and Character.

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In certain settings, maybe, but not likely.

Hell, it’s not like he would lose his paladin status for that, unless his deity is a puritan. You can see anything alive in 60 ft and instantly know its alignment, a barrier an inch thick will stop this. I would guess that the designer who wrote that any humanoid race can be aassimar Aasimar with a different size wasn’t aware that giants are humanoid in Pathfinder.

Log in or sign up in seconds. So I kick the idea of basing a homebrewed player race based off of THAT pit-fiend’s nightmare to the curb and get back to some original xasimar. I mean wouldn’t the “planar” explode from all those colliding planes.

You can speak, read, and write Common, Celestia, and Infernal. I don’t think it’s overwhelmingly obvious Made for interesting Character development as the character had to figure out what path in life he wanted to proceed, down the route of evil or good with neither path being “bad” in his mind as his family displayed both kinds of people. And Tieflings are not Demons, born to serve either.

Anyway I’m surprised no one has noticed the actual titles of this thread. Also note our banned subjects list.


DnD submitted 7 months ago by daddy1c3. Watch Dracula – Dead and Loving It. Non-human aasimars have the same statistics as human aasimars with the exception of size. Horrific, malformed abomination as the demonic and angelic traits wage their own little war in the offspring’s body, or human in appearance with thematically appropriate powers, possibly exceeding even those of their progenitors.


Call it whatever you want, it’s using the Half-Elf stats.

You could even make “human” more of the catch-all for the mongrel cross breeds. I know tifling video games have already explored this latter idea – Diablo and Devil May Cry come to mind – but those were pure angel and demon offspring. I’d just have it potentially come out as a Human, Tiefling, or Aasimar axsimar no need to come up with some weird cross-breed, just one element of the heritage is dominant enough that the child is effectively that race despite having traces of the other type of outsider in their blood as well, or both outsider heritages are dormant and the child seems entirely Human.

Always side with the underdogs; bring balance to the universe.

5E Aasimar & Tiefling offspring

Check out the Tiecling FAQ. The easiest thing would be for no offspring to be possible. Is NO one going to give some criticism about how I have yet to edit in the alignment bit at least?! I’d probably allow it with Half-Elf stat bonuses and changes to the languages known. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell us anything about Aasimar Darn it, I looked over my homebrew solution for this palne touched race and i gotta say Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

It’s also probably the most straddle-the-fence person you’ll ever meet, unable to pick a side and as a result, never achieves anything in their life.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. For the 5e fluff I’d perhaps remove normal Human as an option, since I get the impression that Tieflings are always supposed to have other Tieflings as children even if they marry someone of another race in this version, and I’d assume that the same will be the case for Aasimars.


They are polar opposites, and I would not allow a creature to have both. It hurt my sides I laughed so hard at this Taking two opposing templates could weaken each other enough to do the same thing and make the child just planetouched or it could make the child a half-fiend or half celestial along the lines of a celestial or fiendish planar union with a prime material creature from the Monster Manual. However, if given proper reasoning a libran can be extreme in their outlook on life as well.

Even an aasimar who mates with an aasimar typically has a human child. Do not suggest, promote, or perform piracy. Submit a new text post. Sunday, 30th October, She’s not any better than any of the other characters just because children stare at her. Its not as funny for some reason when you think about half-orcs, maybe its easy to think that its a good thing. It is the question of which is right or wrong that is intriguing.

Conversely, if they act evil, their fiendish bloodline becomes stronger, they lose the human racial traits and gain the Tiefling racial traits. The hostility toward the “special snowflake” thing is atrocious to me.

My point was simply that if you allowed it as a separate racial template, you have to either have it be widespread or have a reason why it is not. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, I know this aasikar If they did in this case, I don’t aasimaf about it