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Do not use the product in the direct vicinity of devices that work with short or micro waves. Programme display lights 1. Sportastisch extreme ab roller xnleitung bauchtrainer. Apply more gel on the skin. Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen am Unterarm, um die Unterarmmuskulatur zu stimulieren. The batteries have not been inserted properly.

Il est interdit d’utiliser l’appareil sur les nourrissons et les personnes endormies ou inconscientes.

If you shift the stimulation pads during use, you will notice that muscle contractions increase or decrease. Otherwise contact our customer service anleeitung section “Customer service”. Thus you will prevent damages that could occur if the batteries leak.

Open the battery compartment cover on the control unit by pulling it towards the arrow. By pushing the button again, you reach the next intensity level.

Apply the control unit by using the snaps on the large stimulation pad. De nombreuses contractions musculaires rapides.


When inserting the batteries, ensure that the polarity is correct. Die Programmanzeigeleuchten leuchten, aber blinken nicht.

AB Maxx Pro II Manuals

The best position is an area where you notice the strongest contractions. Therefore keep batteries and the device out of the reach of young children. Place the belt with the small stimulation pad on your upper arm to firm up the tissue and stimulate your biceps or triceps. Nettoyez les contacts avant de mettre de nouvelles piles.

Reinigen Sie die Kontakte, bevor Sie eine neue Batterie einlegen. The gel serves as a contact medium between the skin and electrode. Based on the position and colour of the programme display lights, you will see which programme you have selected see section “Programme overview”. Any other use could result in severe damage to your health. Legen Sie neue Batterien ein. Fast muscle contractions, tapping massage. Place the belt with the large stimulation pad on your buttocks to firm and shape them.

Children must be under supervision to ensure that they do not play with the device. Brechen Sie in diesem Fall sofort die Nutzung ab und konsultieren Sie ggf. Large stimulation pad Not illustrated: Es besteht kein Kontakt zwischen Haut und Silikonelektroden. The devices and belt are not suitable for machine washing.

Select the stimulation programme with the MODE button. Cleaning and storage Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the appliance. Device-specific safety notes Only use accessories included in the product contents or exclusively those recommended by the manufacturer. In the event the unit is defective, do not attempt to repair it yourself.


Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the appliance.

AB MAXX PRO II others download manual for free now – 3B95D |

Push the button once to switch down one intensity level. Check whether the control unit has been securely attached to the snap fasteners.

The ptaptt and fibrinogen tests currently offered on the vetscan vspro deliver uncompromising accuracy from a. Il y a risque d’asphyxie! The batteries may not be charged or reactivated with other means, not disassembled, thrown in a ab,axx, submerged in a liquid or short-circuited. Stimulation constante avec de longues contractions musculaires. Stimulation with fast and slow components. Only use the product as described in these instructions.

Ersetzen oder Reinigen Sie die Silikonelektrode oder das Stimulationskissen. Place the belt anleituhg the large stimulation pad on your lower abdominal area to stimulate your lower abdominal muscles.