Alesis Trigger IO Reference Manual – revision Read more about midi, pedal, software, input, drum and triggers. Could this be the the Trigger iO will read both signals programming function. s not intuitive either – another good reason to RYFM (read your freakin’ manual). I have read both manuals (SD2 and Alesis Trigger IO) and haven’t found an answer. The SD2 manual has an area for hi hat mapping and mentioned that some.

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Alesis Trigger iO Manuals

Gastric is the man!! Th e values of gain range fromwith lower values requiring more powerful strokes.

You’d get open, partially open, tight closed, foot chick, partially close, tight closed. Type ‘CC4’ in the Key field and press enter. This is an open forum for discussion of e-drums in general. Short of doing lots of field testing on my own, does anyone know if a Sysex load i. Al so on the site is another pdf with a good explanation of dual-zone pads that use both piezo and switch triggers.

HOW TO: Configure Alesis Trigger IO and Superior 2 – VDrums Forum

Last year I trigegr several hours decoding the manual and putting together an elaborate explanation of the process [ http: It’s not that the IO doesn’t generate open, closed, chick sounds at all. Both drumsets did this i have treid everything isnt it possible to get the same attack as when i use my mouse or maybe it is not possible to get a good sound when you trigger live i dont know.


December 31, One of th e trickier aspects of the operating system is saving your changes to a kit. I’ll follow-up this post with a link to the Git repo for those interested.

They appear to be in order, they will be kick trigger A, then kick triggerB, then snare triggerA, etc. I haven’t played with this much yet My instructions attempt to decode the process that is barely glazed over in the manual with almost no screenshots and very vague descriptions of complicated processes. I haven’t even been that motivated i still don’t even have all my pads set up I am using Cubase and this is a photo of my Hi Hat Data:.

Choose the “Closed Pedal” articulation. Having said that, I’m going to charge on and code around what I have right now to see if I can get a workable interface.


You may fin d that this helps make the unit laster. I simply didn’t learn it in S2 at all and let S2 do everything, which it appears to triyger with JUST the pedal and cymbal setup as documented above.

This causes a problem as the IO is then triggering foot chicks well before the hats are manaul closed which sounds horrible in the VSTi when you get a chick sound in the middle of your open range. I have my 2nd DIY kit up and running and can report that the foot chik sound from configuring just the pedal and hat piezo is not a real chik sound.


I amnual didn’t notice much of a difference when using the Mac’s engine or the Firewire If you should accidentally bump into a trigger dUring the programming process, It’s possible that you’ll jump to programming a different trigger without realizing it.

Instead it’s a mild hit of the hat due to it hitting the bottom cymbal with a fast choke due to the pedal closing. However I cannot figure out how to get my hi hat to work this way.

Instal l the software and you’ll be up and playing in ju st a couple of minutes. Answered November 10, at Please login or register. The faster you play, the lower you’ll want to set these values.

This will provide both the foot chick AND the splash triggering.

Trivger your note is triggering the wrong sample, if could be assigned as the wrong sample somewhere. Thi s pro cess is not exactly difficult, but it’ s not intuitive either – another good reason to RYFM read your freakin’ manualno matter how simple the OS might seem at firs t glance.

It never says what “calibration” even means or does. Sharing what I learned here is a pleasant side effect and might make people less annoyed with some of my sillier questions.