Applying for Temporary Resident Visa (IMM ) Table of Contents Overview Before you apply Step 1. Gather documents Step 2. Complete the application. Hello youtubers in this video I’m going to show you how to fill out the form IMM which is a part of the temporary resident visa application or as we call it. Application for a Temporary Resident Visa (IMM ) site at ca/english/information/applications/guides/ for more information.

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If you are, we issue your documents. Check the correct box to tell us if the telephone number is from Canada, the United States US or Other any other country. This is not a legal document.

Biometric fingerprints and photo requirements You may need to appear in person to have your fingerprints and photograph biometric information taken at a biometric applyjng service point.

You cannot obtain one upon arrival in Canada. Provide two photos meeting the requirement of the Visa application photograph specifications.

Write the personal details about: Who must fill out this application form? This barcode page will not appear if you fill out your application by hand. If you need more space, print out another page of the form, fill in this section and submit it with your application.

Find out more about the protection of your biometric information. If chosen, we will ask you to attend an interview with an IRCC official residentt. If you need more space for any section, print out an additional page containing the appropriate section, complete it and submit it along with your application.


Do not abbreviate words Street, Avenue, Boulevard, Drive, etc. To obtain a transit visa you must provide specific evidence of your travel itinerary from your transportation company or travel agent. Find out who flr to give biometrics and how the new application process works. Question 2 Check the box to tell us if the address you live at is the same as your mailing address.

From the list, select the name 556 the country or territory that issued your national identity document. Persons authorized to certify copies include the following: To have a photocopy of a document certified, an authorized person must as described below compare the original document to the photocopy and must print the residemt on the photocopy: Consult your local authorities.

Single This means that you have never been married and are not in a common-law relationship.

Follow the online instructions. Refer to the responsible visa office for your region.

Applying for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – IMM 5256)

The officer will consider all the information and documentation you have provided, and will assess it and will decide if an interview is necessary. If you applied for and are issued a Parent and Grandparent super visa, your visitor status is valid for up to 2 years on each entry to Canada.

Payment issue — No fee included. If your application package is dor If you do not provide all the requested information or documents, the processing of your qpplying could be delayed. You must answer all questions. Highest university degree usually based on at least three years of graduate studies and a thesis.

  ASTM F1055 PDF

Applying for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – IMM ) –

Get help to open an application form or to fill one fot in the Help Centre. Proxy, telephone, fax, internet and similar forms of marriage where one or both parties were not physically present are no longer considered as valid spousal relationships under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. If you have one, type your e-mail address using a format similar to the following: Some visa application centres VACs changed services and locations on November 2, Question 2 Enter your national identity document number exactly as shown on the document.

Family members must complete their own application forms. This could include your birth name, maiden name, married name, nick name, etc. Temporary Resident applications may be submitted through a Visa Application Centre VAC or online, while desident PR applications must be sent by mail separately to the visa office.

Most recent copy of the Notice of Assessment.

A certified translator will provide both a certified translation and certified copies of the original documents. This publication is available in alternative formats 52566 request.