Arunachala Aksharamanamalai Lyrics In Telugu Pdf. Dec 04, Arunachala Aksharamanamalai in Telugu. Arunachala shiva in telugu with lyrics – Duration. Bhagawan himself wrote Akshara Mana Malai in Tamil,Sanskrit and Telugu. Bride Ramana Maharshi proposes to bride groom Arunachala Siva to live a. Смотреть arunachala shiva in telugu with lyrics Скачать 3GP p, 3GP p, Sri Ramana Maharshi-Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai with.

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Thou dost root out the ego of those who meditate on Thee in the heart, Oh Arunachala! I have betrayed Thy secret workings. Shine Thou as grace, the cure of all confusion, Oh Arunachala! Happiness lies in peaceful repose enjoyed when resting in the Self.

Why didst thou then recall Thyself to me? Be not m like a mirror held up to a noseless man, but raise me from my lowness and embrace me, Oh Arunachala! Unite with me to destroy our seperate identities as Thou and me, and bless me with the state of ever vibrant joy, Oh Arunachala!

I do have the book – Five Hymns to Sri Arunachala. Familiar to Thine ears are The sweet songs of votaries who melt to the very bones with love aksharamanzmalai Thee, yet let my poor strains also be acceptable, Oh Arunachala! O Moon of Grace, with Thy cool rays as hands, open within me the ambrosial orifice and let my heart rejoice, Oh Arunachala! December 31, Who but Thyself can find out Thee, Oh Arunachala?

Who can comprehend Thee, Oh Arunachala? Say to me ‘Fear not! Thou only art reality, Oh Arunachala! Do not continue to deceive and prove me; disclose instead Thy transcendental self, Oh Arunahala Unasked Thou givest; this is thy imperishable fame.

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Arunachala Aksharamanamalai Lyrics In Telugu Pdf

How can I leave Thee now, Oh Arunachala? Sweet fruit within my hands, let me be mad with ecstasy, drunk with the bliss of Thy essence, Oh Arunachala! In case you do not have it already, you can secure it when you go Asramam as per your indications. Treasure of benign and holy Grace found without seeking, steady my wandering mind, Oh Arunachala!

What didst thou gain then by my worthless self, Oh Arunachala? Child of Arunachala Full Member Posts: Show me the warfare of Thy grace in the open field where there is no coming and going, Oh Arunachala! One art Thou without a second; who then could dare elude Thee and come in? I said it is not.

Do thou dispel illusion, Oh Arunachala! When I melted away and entered Thee, my refuge, I found Thee standing naked like the famous Digambara! Let us embrace upon the bed of tender flowers, which is the mind, within the room of the body or the ultimate truthOh Arunachala! Thanks for the input. Can the net of Thy grace ever fail, Oh Arunachala? Show me Thy grace now aksharamanamlai and save me, Oh Arunachala! What crime has marked me off for Thy wrathOh Arunachala? Blessed be His devotees!

Then didst thou shine motionless aloneOh Arunachala! You can also mention you want both book and CD. Thyself regard me and dispel illusion!

Do not belie Thy name, Oh Arunachala! It is not even worth speaking about, Oh Arunachala! Let us enjoy one another in the lyrivs of open space, where there is neither night nor day, Oh Arunachala! Throw Thy garland about my shoulders wearing Thyself this one strung by me, Arunachala!

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Though I beg, Thou art callous and dost not condescend. What austerities left incomplete in previous births aksharamanamaai won me Thy special favour, Oh Arunachala? This joyful Marital Garland of Letters, which resembles a beam of aksharananamalai rays of the rising sun, was sung by the noble sage, Ramana, the ocean of compassion, with the object of removing the delusion of the devotees who sought his grace.

Beyond speech indeed is Thy lyrixs resting in the self. Unattached to the physical frame composed of the five Elements, let me forever repose happy in the sight of Thy splendour, Oh Arunachala!

Dear srkudai, Sometime back, you asked me whether there is any Telugu version of Aksharamanamalai. This is only Thy jugglery, Oh Arunachala! Watching like a spider to trap me in the web of Thy grace, Thou didst entwine me and when imprisoned feed upon me, Oh Arunachala!

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Grant me Thy grace ere the poison of delusion grips me and, rising to my head, kills me, Oh Arunachala! Home Help Search Login Register. If spurned by Thee, alas! Hard is Thy lot, Oh Arunachala! Make me partaker of Thy grace! As a lode-stone attracts iron, magnetizing it and holding it fast, so do Thou to me, Oh Arunachala! Thou didst shave clean my head and I was lost to the worldthen Thou didst show Thyself dancing in transcendent space, Oh Arunachala!