Consult AUMA’s entire electric actuators catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ This brochure provides an overview on AUMA products AUMA electric actuators are employed wherever the automation of a valve requires rotation, swivel. Uploaded by Kattey Spares. Actuator catalogue, catalogue for actuator for Auma and rotork. Wiring diagram and timing sheet for the actuator for the actuator.

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The resulting variety of requirements makes extensive know-how necessary as from the planning stage. Actuators are found in all industry sectors.

Powder coating individual parts promotes outstanding Installation Data transmission on fieldbus systems are performed with low signal levels, e.

We are a medium-sized owner-managed ayma combining a value-oriented culture suma exibility and reliablity. AUMA automate valves And this for the last 50 years. We are committed as a reliable partner for our customers underpinned by our sound nancial background Due to the low data transmission rate, the requirements for Foundation Fieldbus are comparatively low; DeviceNet requires more complex cables as the bus specification requires a separate supply voltage within the same cable.

All AUMA catalogs and technical brochures

This special motor onlyrequires AUMA, the globally leading manufacturer of electric actuatorsfor automating industrial valves. Electric actuators are among the most important components of the safety system of a nuclear power plant. They form the optimal interface between process control and actuator.

AUMA actuators work reliably all around the globe for managing ow of liquids or gases, powders or granulates: Multi-turn gearboxes GSTI The cataogue partnership has evolved into a global corporation, implementing their innovative products for industrialvalve automation all around the globe.

Furthermore, certain valves are operated via lever arrangements. catalgue

As a result, valve and actuator are protected from damage. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Electric actuators for the automation of valves in the oil and gas industry” P.


The further development of fieldbus protocols and the increasingly intelligent field devices provide the framework for a variety of additional bus-supported functionalities. Electric multi-turn actuators with integral controlsSA Digital transmission Only digital information is transmitted in fieldbus systems.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Electric multi-turn actuators” P. Success atuator reflected by growth – worldwide Since the foundation inAUMA have evolved into a company with 2, members of staff around the globe. Here cafalogue first 5 pages from actautor catalog “Explosions proof actuators” P. However, the processing of signals for the two types of seating differs. The range of variants is only possible Success is reflected by growth – worldwideSince the foundation inAUMA have evolved into a companywith 2, acttuator of staff around the globe.

AUMA proudly possess a global sales and service network with more than 70 sales organisations and representative offices.

Due to the large torque range available, actuatr Electric actuators are among the most important components of the safety system of a nuclear power plant. Solar thermal power plants: They are operated on the basis of several revolutions performed by the multi-turn actuator.

Get to know AUMA and learn who we are, what we do — and how we can serve you.

electric actuators – AUMA – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

The AUMA servicetechnicians have extensive technical knowledgefor both components. Open the catalog to page 2.

cqtalogue Snow, ice, frost, water and even heat – steel constructions for water systems are intensively and immediatelyexposed to all elements. In large-scale plantssuch as power plants or refineries, several hundreds ofthese devices are used.

Electric part-turn actuators – AUMA – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

The switch signal can be used for any purpose, e. Contents The actuator specialist 2 Applications 4 Small but powerful 5 Service conditions 6 Basics ApplicationsAUMA GSTI multi-turn actuaor are used in nuclearpower cattalogue for the automation of gate valves and globevalves with high torque requirements. SIMA2excels by high integration facility, fast cycle times and premium reliability. This is recommended when: Fieldbus therefore provides a powerful communication network for state-of-the-art modernisation concepts.


Here the first 5 pages from the actuafor “Electric Actuators for continuous underwater use” P. Network solutions by AUMAIntensifying automation requirements — often paired with less operating staff on site — call for new concepts to ensure predictivecondition-based maintenance and successful Asset Management.

They must function reliably underthese ambient conditions. The switch will remain operated from set tripping point to end position if not more than turns of the hollow output shaft are in between. Open the catalog to page Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Electric actuators Valve gearboxes for the automation of valves on military ships”.

Part-turn gearboxes GSI Part-turn gearboxes GSI Actuators are nerve centres – their reliability is crucial to the safety and economic efficiency of whole industrial plants. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Since, the founding year of the company, AUMA have focussed ondevelopment, manufacture, sales Multi-turn gearbox GHT Revision ServiceIn nearly all process plants, especially in sectors wheresafety is of actuatoor concern, regular revisions are prescribed.

The SA multi-turn actuator for continuous underwater use byAUMA opens new applications for electric actuators — for watersupply, in hydropower plants and underwater valves in general.