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CS1 Indonesian-language sources id CS1 maint: Duringfor example, there was continuing discussion about the national role that the NU should play and about the close political links between the NU and the National Awakening Party PKB.

In the s, the NU still wanted to see Indonesia become an Islamic state, and expressed its disapproval of a presidential speech in which Sukarno rejected this. The New York Times. An Encyclopedia of Faiths and Cultures: Suharto did not approve of the NU straying beyond purely religious activities, and the fact the bank was owned by a Christian ethnic-Chinese family led to controversy. Under this is Tanfidziyah Executive Council. During the Indonesian war of mxsailthe NU declared that the fight against the Dutch colonial forces was a holy war, obligatory for all Muslims.

Preaching with message of hate is haram, says NU – Sat, November 25 – The Jakarta Post

The project is funded by the Ministry of Internal Security. Woodward; Arizona State University. Oxford Handbook of Islam and Bahtslu. InPresident Sukarno banned Masyumi for alleged involvement in the Permesta rebellion.

Retrieved 4 December Some leaders of Nahdlatul Ulama are ardent advocates of Islam Nusantaraa bwhtsul brand of Islam that has undergone interaction, contextualization, indigenization, interpretation and vernacularization according to socio-cultural conditions in Indonesia.


They were joined by most of the other Islamic organizations in existence at the time. Gus Dur also incurred the disapproval of the regime by holding a mass rally at a Jakarta stadium three months before the legislative electionsostensibly to express support for Pancasila.

Telegram: Contact @bahsilNU

An attempt in by Gus Dur to involve Bahtxul Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in resolving the dispute failed, and the PKB vote in the elections was half that of the previous vote in Under the Executive Council, there are provincial level Regional Boards, as well as autonomous bodies, institutes and committees, with the structure extending down to Sub Branch Representative Council Boards in villages. The organization identifies the Quranthe Sunnahand the ability of the mind coupled with empirical reality as the sources of its thought.

This resulted in the regime backing down, as it could not risk bringing Gus Dur down. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

The Japanese wanted to replace the MIAI, but the conference not only decided to maintain the organization, but also elected political figures belonging to the PSII to the leadership, rather than members of the non-political NU or Muhammadiyah as the occupiers had wanted. Following the deposing of Sukarnothe New Order regime under President Suharto held elections in Aspirasi Pemerintahan Konstitutional di Indonesia: There are three research focuses in this thesis, The methods of ijtihad in Majlis Tarjih and Lajnah Bahtsul Masail; The samenesses and differrences in system and method of ijtihad in Majlis Tarjih and Lajnah Nasail Masa-il; and, the factors which cause the various differences in the system and method of ijtihad in Majlis Tarjih and Bahgsul Bahtsul Masail.


Bahtsul Masail taken up at NU plenary session for the first time

Jalan Bubutan VI no. InSukarno and Hatta declared Indonesian independence.

Retrieved 17 November They also use questionary method to receive and conclude all of religious issues. Inmaasail NU worked with Bank Summa to establish a system of rural banks. Following the recognition of Indonesian independence, a new party called Masyumi was established with the NU as a component of it. Making Sense of the Secular: Inthe group took sides with the General Suharto -led army and was heavily involved in the mass killings of Indonesian communists.

Sunni Islamic movements Islamic organizations based in Indonesia Nahdlatul Ulama establishments in the Dutch East Indies Religious organizations established in There was a clear division between Masyumi, representing outer-island, urban voters and the NU, representing the rural Javanese constituency.

Hasjim Asjari was the notional chairman, but in practice the new organization was led by his son, Wahid Hasyim. Starting from the interest to compare the methodology of ijtihad in those both institutions, this thesis be composed. However, the fundamentalist and compradore leadership of NU saw the pro-poor Communist Party of Indonesiawhich was close to Sukarno, as an obstacle to its ambitions, and competed with it to win support from the poor.

The NU leadership at the time had no political skills, and was awarded few influential cabinet positions, with the exception babtsul chairman Wahid Hasyimwho was appointed religious affairs minister.