Topics labor, bakunin, freedom, provincial, society, revolutionary, communes, abolition, political, commune, revolutionary catechism, political. Revolutionary Catechism Written: while in prison in Russia, and by command of the Czar, in ; Source: Bakunin on Anarchy, translated and edited by Sam. Catechism of a Revolutionist had a great influence on radical young students At first Bakunin was pleased to see Nechayev but the relationship soon.

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Experience, on the contrary, demonstrates that a repressive and authoritarian system, far from preventing, only increases crime; that public and private morality falls or rises to the extent that individual liberty is restricted or enlarged. Every citizen of baknuin federated country must enjoy the same civic rights and it must be easy for him to acquire citizenship and enjoy political rights in all other countries adhering to the same federation.

Abolition of all state universities: Primitive society had no conception of freedom; and as society evolved, before the full awakening of human rationality and freedom, it passed through a stage controlled by human and divine authority.

From the moment of pregnancy to birth, a woman and her children shall be subsidized by the communal organization. The degree of friendship, devotion and obligation toward such a comrade is determined solely by the degree of his usefulness to the cause bakumin total revolutionary destruction.

The city, corrupted and disorganized on the one hand by the idleness rveolutionary the privileged citizens, and undermined on the other by the imperceptible but relentless activity of the disinherited world of slaves who, despite their slavery, through common labor developed a sense of mutual aid and solidarity against oppression, collapsed under the blows of the barbarian peoples.

The fact that Bakunin called for the destruction of all oppressive institutions does not mean that he favored premature changes in certain areas. For him, there exists only one pleasure, one consolation, one reward, one satisfaction — the success of the revolution. Articles containing Spanish-language text.

He is merciless toward the state and toward the whole formal social structure of educated society [ soslovno-obrazovannogo obshchestva ]; and he can expect no mercy from them. Persons losing their political rights revolutiionary also lose custody of their children. In marriage, man and woman must enjoy absolute liberty.

Necessity of recognizing the right of secession: The fifth category consists of those doctrinaires, conspirators, and revolutionists who cut a great figure on paper or in their circles [ kruzhki ]. Neither society, nor any part of society — commune, province, or nation — has the right to prevent free individuals from associating freely for any purpose whatsoever: Therefore, there must be free commerce, exchange, and communication among all federated countries, and abolition of frontiers, passports, and customs duties [tariffs].


The Relations of the Revolutionist within [his revolutionary] Society [ k obshchestvu ]. Everything in him is wholly revoltuionary in the single thought and the single passion for revolution.

Intelligent and free labor will necessarily be collective labor. Absolute liberty of every religion to build temples to their gods, and to pay and support their priests. It will enact all laws affecting the whole province, pass rwvolutionary resolutions or measures of the national parliament, without, however, violating the autonomy of the communes and the province.

The Anarchist Library: Michail Bakunin Revolutionary Catechism a4

The right of inheritance violates the principle of freedom and must be abolished. In Bakunin founded the secret International Revolutionary Association better known as the International Fraternity which published its program and statutes in in three related documents: If there is one fundamental principle of human morality, it is freedom.

Principles of the International Federation. He is their implacable enemy, and if he continues to live catecuism them it is only in order to destroy them more speedily. Second, women who are ardent, capable, and devoted, but whom do not belong to us because they have not yet achieved a passionless and austere revolutionary understanding; these must be used like the men of the fifth category.

The men who, in Italy, founded the Fraternity with Bakunin were former disciples of the republican nationalist Giuseppe Mazzini, from whom they acquired their fondness for secret societies.

Works of Mikhail Bakunin

This naturally entails the following: On the contrary, it must be reorganized to issue from the base to the summit — from the circumference to the center — according to the principles of free association and federation. This filthy social order can be split up into several categories.

Society cannot, however, leave itself completely defenseless against vicious and parasitic individuals. Abolition, dissolutionand moral, political, and economic dismantling of the all-pervasive, regimented, centralized State, the bakunkn ego of the Church, and as such, the permanent cause of the revllutionary, brutalization, and enslavement of the multitude.


They are, as H.

The life of each nation is subordinated to a plethora of different historical, geographical, and economic conditions, making it impossible vakunin establish a model of organization equally valid for all. Differences between two federated countries shall be adjudicated, without appeal, only by the International Parliament, which, in the name of the entire revolutionary federation, will also formulate common policy and make war, if unavoidable, against the reactionary coalition.

actechism This constitution must be accepted by all communes wishing to participate in the provincial parliament. Their power, influence, and connections, their wealth and their energy, will form an inexhaustible treasure and a precious help in all our undertakings. It follows that bqkunin uprising of a single people must have in view not only itself, but the whole world.

Rights of association [ federalism ]. Once the right to secede is established, secession will no longer be necessary. This slavery will last until capitalism is overthrown by the collective action of the workers.

Catechism of a Revolutionary – Wikipedia

Labor is the foundation of human dignity and morality. Without interfering in the internal administration of the communes, it will allot to each commune its share of the provincial or national income, which will be used by the commune as its members decide.

Therefore, in drawing closer to the people, we must above all make common cause with those elements of the masses which, since the foundation of the state of Muscovy, have never ceased to protest, not only in words but in deeds, against everything directly or indirectly connected with the state: This is not the removal of natural individual differences, but equality in the social rights of every individual from birth ; in particular, equal means of subsistence, support, education, and opportunity for every child, boy or girl, until maturity, and equal resources and facilities in adulthood to create his own well-being by his own labor.

Therefore, it is necessary to weigh carefully the usefulness of the comrade against the expenditure of revolutionary forces necessary to save him, and the decision must be made accordingly.