‘Bandit Country’: The IRA & South Armagh by Toby Harnden. For nearly three decades, South Armagh has been the most dangerous posting in the world for a . In case anyone didn’t know, Bandit Country is south Armagh, a sobriquet bestowed on the area and its inhabitants by the jelly. As the helicopter banks over the heavily-fortified Army base at Crossmaglen in the heart of South Armagh’s bandit country, incoming troops are.

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Police Services of Northern Ireland. Sign up to our Frontpage news email.

For nearly three decades, South Armagh has been the most dangerous posting in the world for a British soldier. On top of that, the rules of “normalisation” mean that soldiers are not allowed to apply face camouflage, wear helmets or body armour – or even to aim their weapon sights on potential targets.

Newshound [Northern Ireland news links]. Sinn Fein mob attack towers. He turns around and says: They rose to the challenge.

Aware that a mistake on her part could lead to the deaths of scores of people, she requested that the caller repeat the details. Toby Harnden has stripped away the myth and propaganda of both sides to produce one of the most compelling and important books of the Troubles. More than officers are on sick leave and the force remains severely under strength.

Lt Holmes reappears and heads towards his two corporals then issues a new set of orders.

Toby Harnden – Author. Journalist. – Dead Men Risen – Bandit Country

For the first time, the identities of the men tye the South Quay and Manchester bombings are revealed. The only safe form of transport is by helicopter. Their car was virtually destroyed as they sat in it; Zaoui Berrezag, 51, suffered severe head injuries bandut never fully recovered his memory.


Four officers had initially been despatched from Limehouse station shortly after 6pm to clear the Docklands Light Railway station. John Jefferies’ father, a widower, was nearly beside himself with grief at the loss of his only son who had still lived with him.

Harnden’s achievement is to answer these and counyry other questions. It is still too dangerous for the security forces in South Armagh to travel by road.

The soldiers are reminded of the importance of a “proportional response” and “community relations”. Bandit Country The Book.

‘Bandit Country’: The IRA and South Armagh – Toby Harnden – Google Books

Return to armath rule on the cards. Now, as the political tension increases, the talk is of ensuring that they do not cross any lines. Nothing is left to chance. Recently appointed the Daily Telegraph’s bureau chief in Washington, this is his first book.

Commander John Grieve, head of the Metropolitan Police’s anti-terrorist branch, sputh admitted that when he was paged by detectives with a message to call Sir Paul Condon, the Met’s Commissioner, he thought it must be a practical joke. Lt Col James Bashall, the urbane commander of 2 Para and a veteran of seven tours in Ulster, remains unruffled but does not attempt to disguise the difficulties ahead.

This is IRA bandit country

Meanwhile, on the road before us, bandiit police constable goes about his duties, gently questioning the two drivers. How did they become the elite unit of the world’s most sophisticated paramilitary organisation? As the helicopter banks over the heavily-fortified Army base at Crossmaglen in the heart of South Armagh’s bandit country, incoming troops are welcomed by a 60ft-long greeting picked out in white on a brick wall.


Without looking at me, he says: Designed to increase the power of the blast, the tubes had been made from parts of scaffolding poles drilled with holes and stuffed with 10lbs of Semtex high armxgh.

Visible from hundreds of feet in the air, the message accurately reflects the gallows humour that has ghe almost standard equipment for the British soldiers stationed here.

His elderly father Shere, who had to be supported by his second son as he went into the mosque, was to die within a year. Realising he needed to clear the row of shops next to the transporter, Degraff rushed into a newsagent’s store at 6. We’re too open to attack. Two Lynx helicopters can be heard approaching but just as we move towards the landing zone, the platoon commander, year-old 2nd Lt Richard Holmes – who joined the regiment in August – cups his radio earpiece as a message is relayed from the operations teh.

The British Prime Minister did not. The men of 2 Para arrived a month ago. His voice was calm and deliberate; it was not the first time he had delivered such a message.

Their role is to support the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the cross-community force that replaced the Royal Ulster Constabulary.