Barrowmaze Complete for 5e is a classic, old-school fantasy megadungeon updated for 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying. Barrowmaze Complete was written by Greg Gillespie, and published after a successful crowd-funding campaign. It is a consolidation of Greg’s previously. Hello This is more of an PSA than anything. Basicly, if you follow the OSR movement a bit, you might have stumbled on Questing Beast, a guy.

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Barrowmaze Complete for 5e – Rogue Comet

Barrowmaze Complete for 5e. Together with a hoard of helpers and supporters we strive to create fantastic products for everyone! The light slowly intensified until a great explosion rocked the Dwimmerhorn.

Conventional Kickstarter risks of fulfillment and printing are virtually nonexistent since we are using OneBookshelf’s DriveThruRPG front end for printing and shipping on an at-cost basis for print-level backers.

Hardcovers and PDFs of all three Comolete, plus I will work with you to create a new monster, place it in the adventure, and develop an original illustration with your choice of artist: However, I have an established track record of successful campaigns Barrowmaze and Forbidden Caverns that have either shipped early or exactly on schedule. The PDFs and the printed book will be here in just a few short months!

Barrwmaze my opinion, crafting an OSR dungeon is about much more than creating an adventure. He’s been hooked on role-playing ever since! CheckSlim Chance of Survival?

Our creative team includes: In recent months a strange green light was seen emanating from the ruins at midnight. The only work that remains is the 5e conversion and layout. Like my other projects HighFell will be detailed, provide depth of engagement, have old school charm, and be super fun for your gaming group. The Mummy Attack by Jim Holloway.


I love old-school games! Estimated delivery Oct This new megadungeon adventure is designed to support a completr fantasy campaign lasting months and years. Kickstarter is not a store. Hardcovers and PDFs of all three Megadungeons, plus I will work with you to create a new monster and place it in the adventure. Similar to past projects for Labyringth Lord Rules, every monster in the monster section will have its own illustration.

Through my professional expertise, I know how to create, manage, and deliver outstanding game projects on time. We barrowmsze built this into our costs. I have an excellent reputation across the interwebs for value-added projects.

We have identified that delays in layout and delays in printer setup could happen.

There is no list of stuff to add persay, rather the more funding the campaign receives the more I can invest into and develop the final product.

It is about celebrating the origins of the hobby, the classic fantasy gaming experience, and understanding that dungeon crawling isn’t supposed to be about long exhausting combats but rather an equal mix of exploration, combat, and role-play.

Funding period Sep 21, – Oct 19, 28 days. Paul Oklesh — Paul is a relative newcomer to RPGs, having only been involved in the hobby for 3 years. Barrowmaze Poster Map Digital Copy.


Barrowmaze Complete for 5e

So we have allowed additional time in our schedule as a buffer to enable us to avoid such delay issues. Note that you will need to pay print and shipping costs when you choose to get the print book. Cover and Layout Samples. Designed by Barrowmaze author Greg Gillespie. Check out the FAQ. Originally written for Labyrinth Lord rules, Barrowmaze author Greg Gillespie and Rogue Comet have partnered to produce a 5th edition version of this classic megadungeon adventure.

In terms of mapping, those of you will a close eye will notice my published dungeons are slowly filling in a certain old school wilderness board game map that serves as the basis of my Northern Reaches homegame we affectionately call it Indeed, Barrowmaze is nearly a textbook example of how to make a compelling, well-presented dungeon module.

Nearly everything about the product is well done, from the layout to the artwork to the content and cartography. Over pages of adventure with more than dungeon rooms, a fully fleshed out local village and setting, new monsters, new magic items, maps, and a custom character sheet. I have afforded myself a manageable writing and play-testing schedule with a shipping date of June HighFell will support low-level to high-level play.

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