The Bastards of Erebus is the first adventure in the Council of Thieves adventure path, the first Adventure Path by Paizo written explicitly for the. This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path launches the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, and includes: “The Bastards of Erebus,” a Pathfinder RPG adventure. Chapter 1: “The Bastards of Erebus” by Sean K Reynolds The Council of Thieves Adventure Path starts with a bang in the crumbling metropolis of Westcrown.

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Review of The Bastards of Erebus

The adventure bastarda has problems related to the greater adventure path. I am a fan of the writer, Sean K. Read more Read less. The beginning and following parts up to the last part have an unfinished feel to them.

Lire rated it really liked it Jun 02, Overall, the story quality is impressive. We are probably one session away from ending this first adventure and both me and my players love it. A greater problem relates the shadow beasts that prowl the streets of Westcrown at night, and are one of the major plot strands in the adventure path: Council of Thieves 3 – What Lies in Dust. erebjs

Bastards of Erebus – PathfinderWiki

As for The Bastards of Erebusit has parts that work, but is much, much weaker than it should be. There is enough interesting and potentially interesting NPCs and empty hooks for the DM me to take ownership of the game and really make it my own while still providing a solid structure and story and gaming experience.


Introducing the Hellknights as enemies will prove problematic later on when the group needs to work with them. Customers who bought this item also bought. Patrick Mastrobuono rated it liked it May 21, Be the first to ask a question about Pathfinder Adventure Path This is it The first chance to get involved in a Pathfinder campaign using the newest Pathfinder RPG rules innovations Don’t get left behind in the next great step forward for tabletop roleplaying games An interlude that introduces the characters to an insufferable actor who will appear in the second installment is one of the better-handled parts of this adventure, but the adventure then suggests three other small missions the group could go through instead of taking space to properly detail them.

Troy Gorda rated it it was amazing Jun 28, What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Chris Nichols rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Council of Thieves Map Folio.

A deadly mystery of nobility and intrigue for Pathfinder Varian Jeggare and his tiefling bodyguard Radovan in a new series vastards the Pathfinder’s Jounalby Dave Gross.

Jesse rated it liked it Jul 28, I am looking forward to the second book which I already purchased. It may sound shocking that I found 96 pages ereebus little light on delivery to the players because there is so much detail that GMs could miss if they ran the adventure in too much a hurry.

The biggest problems of the adventure come at the start, as the party flees the law after meeting a rebel organiser, Janiven.


Refresh and try again. What you actually have here is an incredibly swingy monster: The group gets pulled directly into action, and while any goodly character would take up the cause of freeing Westcrown from these shadows that roam the streets at night, I struggled with getting a few of the PCs involved.

Pathfinder Adventure Path # The Bastards of Erebus (Council of Thieves 1 of 6)

Write a customer review. The adventure has an open-ended feel so that GMs and players who wish to truly explore the environment could take quite a bit of time exploring the 6 parts of this adventure plot.

Decadent nobles and desperate rebels face off against a backdrop of crumbling buildings and badly eroded stability. The story itself isn’t the best intro to the overarching plot of the AP either, but it is a good party bonding experience. Mar 22, Marvin rated it really liked it Shelves: A note here–the adventure is not quite for the faint of heart.

The first is a sophisticated delve into Westcrown’s backstory and immediately sets the pervasive undertones that bring the city to life. Wesley Schneider and fiction by Dave Grossis the first chapter in the Council of Thieves adventure path and was released on August pf, May 16, General H. Books by Sean K.