Home; Forms; Checklists of Documentary Requirements; Immigrant Visa. IMMIGRANT VISA. BI Form No. Title. V-IRev 1 No. MCL V-I Rev 1. A verified letter request from the petitioning permanent resident;. 2. () General Application Form duly accomplished and notarized (BI Form No. MCL-. );. 3. Accomplished and duly notarized General Application Form (BI Form No. MCL- );; Certified true copy of Alien Employment Permit (AEP).

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We think you have liked this presentation. He has sufficient capital for a viable and sustainable investment formm is approved by the Commissioner of Immigration.

Please take note of the room assignments and interview schedule. Filipino a spousal letter is still required and notorized. Please click here for the names of qualified applicants Visayas examinees for interview.

It is necessary that: Work suspension on Monday, 16 Octoberas per announcement from the Office of the Executive Secretary.

Judicial finding that the marriage is void under the provisions of the Family Code 3. Shortcut for site map footer agency section of the page. Because of her marriage to an alien, or 2. no.mcl-07-10

New Section 13 visa requirements ~

Attached is a list of liaison officers directed to attend the Philippine Laws Policies and Procedures Seminar on December 8: Statement page that will show the available accessibility keys. To avoid any inconvenience, clients are advised to go to other BI extension offices which shall observe the usual office hours, i. You give them all the paperwork and your passport. I was told that a fresh clearance must be run for every BI transaction.


This is issued to an applicant who, despite the absence of frm reciprocity between his country and the Philippines, contracts a valid marriage with a Philippine citizen. Shortcut for FAQ page. The payment of filing fees should be made upon the submission of all requirements. During the season of Lent, and onwards, let us remove the hatred and the anger in our lives and find repentance in our hearts. Page 1 of 2 Start Prev 1 foem Next End. If you have to travel to Manila, then take the opportunity to have a break and do some shopping.

To qualify for the visa the mother of the child must establish proof of: She has not been institutionalized for any mental disability; 2. Plain photocopy of passport of alien spouse showing dates of arrival and authorized stay.

AR application forms and guidelines in the conduct of ARlist of participating BI offices, AR online encoding system and all other information regarding AR shall be found in the BI website www. Passport Visa Corm Shortcut for contact page or form inquiries.

Immigrant Visa

The Bureau of Immigration issues the following reminders to ensure compliance with Philippine Immigration and Registration Laws. Preferred Quota Immigrants Immigrants who are the fathers and mothers of Filipino citizens who are 21 years of age and over.

Duly notarized letter request by petitioning mother; 2. When I extended for the next two months in Tagbilaran, I mention my intentions about getting my 13a.

The visa may be cancelled for: Duly notarized letter of application; 2. Accreditation of School Representatives. However provisions of Section 60 to. Conversion to Quota Immigrant Visa. The application for pre-arranged employment visa for the spouse and minor children of the visa holder should be filed within a period of 6 months from the date of his admission into the Philippines as a non-immigrant. Guided by these words, may the good men and women of the Department of Justice renew their commitment to be Vanguards of Justice.


For no.cml-07-01 and strict compliance. Request for BI Clearance Certificate. Reopening of the application for BI-accreditation no.cml-07-01 21 May – 22 June ; ii Imposition of a late filing penalty fee of Php 1, General application form duly accomplished and notarized BI Form No.

Resolution declaring August 10, as non-working Holiday for all government officials, employees and public schools within the City of Legazpi for the grand opening of the Ibalong Festival and encouraging the private and public establishment and national agencies within the City to do the same in support to the said festival.

To obtain permanent admission, a nonimmigrant alien must depart voluntarily to some foreign country and procure from the appropriate Philippine consul the proper visa and thereafter undergo examination by the officers of the Bureau of Immigration at a Philippine port of entry for determination of his admissibility in accordance with the requirements.