ENGAGEMENT DE PRISE EN CHARGE souscrit conformément à l’article 3bis de la loi du 15 décembre sur l’accès au territoire, le séjour, l’établissement. Proof of host’s financial means like: salary slips of the last three months, bank statements, income tax papers and Formal Obligation (annexe 3Bis/bijlage 3Bis) . A letter of guarantee (in the prescribed form “Annexe 3bis”/“Bijlage 3bis”) not older than 6 months with: o Copy of the guarantor’s 3 most recent salary sheets.

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Annexe 32 form should be the guarantee letter for international students wanting to study in Belgium.

This document can be obtained from the relevant municipality in Belgium. Consider the following measures as part of the financial preparation before bijage to Belgium: If further applications for other countries are to be made, the passport can stay in possession of the applicant until the day preceding the date of issue.

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I prefer not to show my bank statement. After the dateline, this form is rendered invalid as a proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the foreign partner involved.

Where can I find an example of a Belgian invitation letter? – Message – Forum 🙂 Hospitality Club

For a one-way ticket holder, especially when a passport holder does not need to apply for a Schengen travel visa, this is the only document 3is one can explain the unique circumstance to the Customs Officers. Live in Belgium 27 May at 3: It sounds all so stupid for a formal document. In Singapore, there is no such certificate. The form is just an invitation letter for you to go to Belgium with a pledge of financial support from the other party.


By getting some financial help from your close family members who are willing to lend you the money temporary. I also wondered how much money was considered enough to stay for more than 90 days?

If you are transiting in Finland, the customs officer will not ask much unless you are entering their country. Live in Belgium 12 July at 2: All non-Russian citizens living in Russia have to be legal residents of the Russian Federation and need to present the relevant documents copy of residence permit, long-term visa or FMS registration.

Only the officers of the final destination will ask you many questions. Tutti i diritti sono riservati.

I stay in Auderghem and would like to invite my wife. This evidence can be:.

⑥ Annexe/Bijlage 3bis: Pledge of Financial Support Formal Obligation Form

Live in Belgium 24 May at 5: Copy of proof of the family relationship between the applicant and the inviter s. From what I see, many people probably do bljlage even know that Annexe 3bis exist! I understand all visa rules. So, you should expect around the same timeline. By selling some of the assets you have on hand you are going to migrate anyway.


Your dossier will be forwarded to the relevant Belgian authorities for decision. You will be informed in due time of the decision taken by these authorities. The estimated time to get Annexe 19ter is between 3 to 6 months bijlag you applied for family reunion. Hi Varun, in our case, 3bks commune took 2 weeks to get the stamp on the Annexe 3bis form.

Your visa is pending; you are waiting for decision? So, it would be wiser to bring a copy.


The goal of the visit: However, I had been travelling to and fro Belgium since as a tourist. Yes, Annexe 3bis is the only document you need to carry with you.

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