Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd: Libretto (An Opera in Two Acts) [Benjamin Britten, E.M. Forster, Eric Crozier, Herman Melville] on *FREE* shipping. Sheet Music – £ – Libretto to Billy Budd, an opera in two acts, for soli, choir, and orchestra. Libretto by E. M. Forster and Eric Crozier, adapted from the story. BENJAMIN BRITTEN’S sixth opera, ‘Billy Budd’, with libretto by. E. M. Forster and Eric Crozier, was presented for the first time at the Royal Opera House, Covent.

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Billy Budd, op. 50 – libretto

Claggart is an able man. He is deep, deep. And handsome is as handsome did it, too. The composer in Bring the powder and charges.

It is I whom libtetto devil awaits. Below decks the sailors rough-house, but old Dansker remains gloomy. The mist creeps in to blind us. Once again, Billy begins to stammer in rage.


Opera Profile: Britten’s “Billy Budd”

I’ll do anything to serve you, anything. See the pretty pair Berth-deck Act 3 Scene 1: Do you reckon we’re making? We’re through with waiting. In a rage, Billy begins to stammer. Work for us all before long. The Oibretto Lieutenant enters along the quarter-deck Mr. Flint, shell fly from us. Don’t spoil the sport.

Remember both of you the penalties of falsehood. The officers ask Vere for counsel, but he is unable to help them and reluctantly they sentence Billy to hang from the yard-arm at dawn.

The cutter which had been dispatched under the command of Mr Ratcliffe, librretto Second Lieutenant, to board a merchant vessel, The Rights o’ Man, to impress men, arrives back with three sailors. The Frenchie’s escaped us. The officers warn that Billy may cause trouble, but Vere dismisses their fears and expresses his love for the men under his command. Back with the guns!


VERE Be so good as to leave me!

Jemmy Legs is down on you. Call me what you like, chum! Your police have deceived you.

Britten: Billy Budd Opera Chandos

Vere does not believe him and sends for Billy so that Claggart may confront him. Vere calls a drum-head court-martial, presided over by his officers he has to be a witness.

Couldn’t you help us at a pinch? VERE Out of range – and the wind dies. O beauty, o handsomeness, goodness!

Billy Budd Libretto | Britten |

Good men and hearty! Indomitable Scene One Early morning. Mark Padmore tenor – A Novice. In his cabin, Captain Vere muses over classical literature.