[edit] Version history of the BMEcat specification. Version · Version – current version. Retrieved from. ETIM International releases BMEcat guideline ETIM based product data according to BMEcat® version , which is now available in the. InstallData supports imports and export in the BMEcat format. BMEcat is a German standard for distributing catalogue information. Technically it is a.

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New Mexico State University. In BMEcat multilingual catalogs are supported. We will validate every import against this schema. XML enables the simultaneous codification of structures and data in a catalog document as opposed bmefat, for instance, conventional, less efficient formats like MS Excel files or comma-separated lists CSV files.

The use of language codes at the descriptions is highly recommended! Older bmeecat of this document can be found in the Version history of BMEcat specification. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this software, More information. For each trade item can be defined how the trade item can be ordered, on which unit the price is based and how the product can be used.

For the reply to the price request, the supplier can use pricing rules that are stored in his ERP system. MD47 thumbnail is not imported by 2BA. It contains how to exchange classification and properties including their values and it is designed for a national and international use.

No part of this document may be reproduced in any manner More information. Soort cookies Wij gebruiken cookies om het gebruik van onze site faciliteren, het inloggen te onthouden en t.


Excellent products and innovative services More information. Programmes, modules and topics Information intercourse referred to the project, information that is in big amounts more. The availability request is created by an e-procurement respectively market place administered by the buyer, and is sent to the supplier.

BMEcat –

In addition, the standardized description of products is enabled by product features assigned to the classes. The information contained in this document More information. UN ; Unknown currently, the data supplier is not able to specifiy a value; but basically it is possible.

A closer look at Web-to-Print: Wij gebruiken cookies om het gebruik van onze site faciliteren, het inloggen te onthouden en t. Magento Integration Manual Version 2. This documentation contains proprietary information of the California Institute of Technology More information. In particular our gratitude goes to the bmeczt of the BMEcat development workshops and the members of the BMEcat change committee.

Herein, all elements are defined in the order. The file name page 8 of the ETIM 4. The cross references are clearly marked in green letters. Specification BMEcat 1 Version 1.

Specification BMEcat 2005

Merchant Reporting Tool payment and transaction statistic for web shops Transaction reports through web-interface to paysafecard application Table of Bbmecat 1. Is article default on stock? With the presentation of the certified catalogs in the BME portal and the on-line position of the certified catalogs, an efficient research tool for the purchase is provided, and thus a target group- marketing and sales platform for the suppliers.

The BMEcat example valuations contain separate examples for both patterns. The use of BMEcat represents an important step on the way to standardized business-to-business e-commerce. Import process First of all we validate the delivered file to the corresponding XML schema. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. For download please refer to the next paragraph. For the time being these data types are empty in BMEcat, thus defined without contents and do not have to be taken further into account by the user.


For 2BA this field is not mandatory. The list of data types describes in detail all data types defined in BMEcat i. The employment of the synchronous price request offers several application benefits: A Copyright, Oracle Corporation. There are three possibilities:. BMEcat code “Followup” can be used to refer to a successor at product level not for articles.

MEDIAplus administration interface 1. The supplier replies to the request synchronously, so that the price information can be presented to the user in the calling system.

The supplier replies to the request synchronously, so that the product data can be presented to the user in the calling system. Version history of BMEcat 3 Integrated Procurement Point IPP In BMEcat the closer integration of both business partners supplementary to the to a large extent decoupled catalog production at the supplier s site and the subsequent catalog use at the purchasing company s site is supported.

The use of data types enables a detailed description of the way how to use an element correctly. References to external resources in the World Wide Web bmeczt likewise available e.