The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (abbreviated to BPHS) is a foundational compilation of Original text (in Sanskrit) बृहत्पाराशरहोराशास्त्र; Translations online (in English) [ Brihat. बृहत्पाराशरहोराशास्त्र. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Parashara’s Vedic Horoscopy. Translation and commentary by Dan Nelson. In I was able to find a Sanskrit translations of the ​Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra I mentor to teach me Sanskrit until about mid consulted were the.

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Grahas and Vrischik Lagn: The present Avasthas are called Shayan Adi Avasthas. Should Mangal be in Lagn identical with his own rashi and be yuti with or receiving a drishti from Buddh, Shukr, and Shani, the native will be rich.

If Ketu is in Sabh Avastha the native will be garrulous, very proud, miserly, licentious, and skilful in evil branches of learning. If malefics are in Kendras devoid of yuti with or a drishti from benefics, while Lagn’s lord is not strong, only short life will result.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

If a grah is in an enemy’s rashi, or yuti with an enemy, or receives a drishti from an enemy, or even if a grah is yuti with Shani, the Avastha is Kshudhit. If Shani is in Kautuk Avastha the native will be endowed with lands and wealth; he will be happy, endowed with pleasures through charming females; and he will be parashra in poetry, arts, etc. It is self-assured and asserting. If the lords of Lagn and Randhr Bhava are helped by others, while being so, medium life span will come to pass. Agni is at the jora of creation and of the continuation of existence.


Grahas and Makar Lagn: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It extends from Mesa If Shukr is in Upavesan Avastha, the native will be endowed with a multitude of nine gems asnskrit Vraja’ and golden ornaments; sanskrlt will be ever happy, will destroy enemies, and will be honoured by the king. A grah in Kshudhit Avastha will cause downfall due to grief and passion, grief on account of relatives, physical decline, troubles from enemies, financial distress, loss of physical strength and an eclipsed mind due to miseries.

Sanskrit astronomy text of BhaskaracharyaEnglish commentary on Ganitadhyaya chapter by D.

Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra by Rishi Parashara ( Pages )

Last and largest treatise on Indian astronomy Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta 1: This system, in my opinion, can only be from Parashara, as it dwarfs all other techniques found in any of the other classical texts such as Brihat JatakaJataka ParijataPhaladeepikaetc, which at best only hint at the techniques without providing any methodological or scientifically replicable techniques.

The deity who preserves this world and makes for its welfare is called ganadevata.

brihatt Effects of Ketu’s Avasthas at Birth: To keep everybody within one’s grip, the possessive instinct follows from the nature of this star. For intermediary placements, rule of the process will apply. Many grahas giving a drishti to or occupying Sahaj Bhava will bring death through many diseases.

Alternatively, Bandhu’s lord being in his own or exaltation rashi should be yuti with Karm’s lord. None of these sanskrir Yogas will be operable, if another Nabhash Yog explained earlier is derivable. Surya is the prime cause of dominion, kingship, power of immunity and the light that dispels darkness. One born in PAsh Yog will be liable to be imprisoned, be skilful in work, be deceiving in disposition, will talk much, be bereft of good qualities and will have many servants.

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Briaht born in Hal Yog will eat a lot, sanzkrit be very poor, will be miserable, agitated, given up by friends a relatives; he will be a servant. Effects of Guru’s Avasthas at Birth: If the sub-state is Drishti in an Avastha, the results being stated for the Avastha will be medium; the effects will be full in Chesht, and negligible in Vichesht.

Awakening, Dreaming, and Sleeping States: Now I tell you some Yogas for poverty along with conditions of their nullifications. O excellent of Brahmins, the horw of the two luminaries, Surya and Chandr, occupying a Dreshkan of Guru denotes the descent from the world of gods. Please tell me such Yogas causing utter poverty.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra – Vic DiCara’s Astrology

Thus, the good and bad effects should be guessed assessing the strength and weakness of the grahas concerning all the bhavas.

Lal Kitab 3rd part by Pt.

Chronology of Hindu texts. If Chandr and a benefic are in the Arudh Lang as Guru is in the 2nd from the natal Lagn and both these places are receiving drishtis from paashara in exaltation, or grahas in own rashi, there will be a Raj Yog.

Its descriptions of the Grahas, Rasis, Bhavas and Vargas. In the rashi of a friend or of a neutral rashi, dhastra is in dreaming state, while in an enemy’s rashi, or in debilitation it is in a state of sleeping.