BS2-IC from PARALLAX >> Specification: BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller. Buy Parallax Inc BS2-IC BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller, 20MHz, 2 kB EEPROM, Pin PDIP BS2-IC. Browse our latest microcontrollers offers. Free Next Day. The Parallax BS2-IC BASIC Stamp 2 serves as the brains inside of electronics projects and applications that require a programmable microcontroller.

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That’s all there is to it Miceocontroller supporting software will recognize possible input combinations from this: Likewise, a master can end a reading sequence by not pulling SDA low before issuing the ninth pulse. However, this need not be the case for custom characters, especially in applications where the underscore cursor isn’t used. It is able to control and monitor timers, keypads, motors, sensors, switches, relays, lights, and more.

I don’t recommend that shortcut at all. At left is the standard 5×8 matrix font for the HD It’s sometimes called a 5×7 font because the bottom row is blank in all standard characters to leave room for an underscore cursor.

The two sets of forbidden entry points at the “end” of either line and behave exactly like the valid beginning of the next line 64 and 0, respectively. A simple first-order lowpass filter is used for the preliminary demonstration.

Not supported by Parallax off-site. In this section, we’ll complete the process by endowing the unit with a key keypad. Then the drift seemed to stop when the temperature as measured by the chip itself dropped only a quarter of a degree On a multi-line LCD character display, the positions of the characters in a given line are always numbered consecutively from left to right.


The rising and falling edges of the trigger signal need not be adjacent.

BS2-IC (Parallax) BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller Module

The first time you run that software, it asks you if you want to associate the related file types to it. In other words, don’t EVER use the following instruction unless you are absolutely sure that “frame” is even!

Instead, the microconteoller lines sport 30k pull-up resistors, which the designer should keep in mind when sharing this bus with other devices. All vital components processor, clock source, memory, power regulator are provided on the BS2’s tiny PCB; just connect power and go! After this, the resulting standalone device deserves an enclosure and a name: As a purely analog project, that would be a fairly intricate endeavor, well beyond our current scope.

We’re already halfway into this with the LCD provided above. Remember the Y2K millennium bug?

Parallax BASIC Stamp 2 Module #BS2-IC

However, no part of the I2C protocol allows microcontroler slave to request termination of a read sequence once it has started. It works fine by presents one design flaw: There are legacy serial versions of both units, which we’ll ignore here.


The BASIC Stamp 2 serves as the brains inside of electronics projects and applications microcontrloler require a programmable microcontroller.

Then, we’ll discuss PBASIC software to support that configuration and turn the whole thing into the educational experience it was meant to be.

If the BS2 chooses to overwrite that bit, it better be a zero. For customers that require a more powerful, multi-processing microcontroller, we recommend the Propeller microcontroller.

The downside is that the “HomeWork Microcontrollef can’t be used to program an actual BS2 for permanent installation in a less bulky standalone project. So far, we have decoded the PWM digital output from the microccontroller into a good analog signal. Otherwise, the and the board we’re reviewing here are equally suited as starter sets. One of them was generating DTMF tones.

BASIC Stamp – Wikipedia

microcontro,ler If found the influence of the aging register, if any, to be far less than that in the conditions described above. Clearly, the unit could have been designed to combine the output and input functions on a single pin. Print Email a friend Feeds.

Our Stamps in Class Educational Program was designed with this module, making it a great place to learn about microcontrollers.