BSNL JTO EXAM SYLLABUS 1. TELECOM BRANCH 2. CIVIL BRANCH 3. ELECTRICAL Pattern of syllabus: The whole syllabus will carry. BSNL JTO Syllabus To prepare well for BSNL JTO Recruitment Exam, candidates must need BSNL JTO Syllabus. So, those candidates. BSNL JTO exam syllabus for ECE students I want to get the BSNL JTO exam syllabus for ECE students, as I have applied for this.

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Structural Analysis Analysis of determinate structures- different methods including graphical methods.

Transducers; Electronic measurements of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, humidity etc. Compounds, different types, setting times, strength. E ECE student which book is prefarable.

Electronic measurements of non-electrical quantities Electronic measuring instruments Error analysis Measurement standards Measurements of basic electrical quantities Transducers Working principles of measuring instruments.

Sampled data system and performance of such a system with the samples in the error channel. Questions on knowledge of current events and of such matter of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Errors for different type of inputs and stability criteria for feedback systems.


Block diagrams and signal flow graphs and their reduction. Personal computers and their typical uses. Practice Which Helps In Preparation. Mesh and nodal analysis.

Planning of railway systems, terminology and designs, relating to gauge, track controls, transits, jtoo stock, tractive power and track modernization, Maintenance Appurtenant works, Containerisation. Design of brick masonary as per I. Engineering Stream Section-I 2. Properties of networks in terms of poles and zeros.

BSNL JTO Syllabus 2018 (ECE/CSE/Electrical) | Download Exam Pattern PDF

Digital Voltmeter and frequency counter. Types, Indian standard classification, absorption, saturation factor, strength in masonry, influence of mortar strength and masonary strength. The questions will be completely objective type. Previous years question papers for JTO? Power Electronics Power Semiconductor devices.

Construction, planning and Management: Candidates who are in final year of B. Hall effect and its applications. Thu, Aug 11, Electronic Measurements and instrumentation Basic concepts, standards and error analysis; Measurements of basic electrical quantities and parameters; Electronic measuring instruments and their principles of working: Education and Career Forum. Rooting of floods, Capacity of reservoirs. How to Make a Habit of Studying.

Testing, Losses and efficiency.

BSNL JTO Exam Pattern |Exam Syllabus |Paper Structure |

Starting and speed control. Ferro and ferri magnetism. Transducers and their applications to the measurement of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, flow-rate displacement, acceleration, and noise level etc. Elements of sound and vision broadcasting. Want syllabux in Preparation?


BSNL ( – ) Exam Syllabus – MeritExam

Analog and Digital Electronics and Circuits Semiconductor device physics, PN junctions and transistors, circuit models and parameters, FET, Zener, tunnel, Schottky, photo diodes and their applications, rectifier circuits, voltage regulators and multipliers, switching behavior of diodes and transistors. Frequency division and time division multiplexing, Telemetry system in power engineering.

Air and Noise Pollution and Ecology. Electromagnetic Theory Transmission lines: Communication systems Basic information theory: Elastic jfo of Failure, simple and shear bending, Torsion of circular and rectangular section uto simple members. Bar chart, linked bar chart, work break down structures, Activity-on-arrow diagrams.

Design of connections of simple members. Single-phase synchronous and induction motors. Optimal power system operation. Tue, Aug 9,