Read news commentary and analysis on politics, business, health and more from Turkey’s renowned columnists. Burhanettin Duran received his B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Bogazici University in and obtained his Ph.D in Political Science. Burhanettin Duran received his BA in Political Science and International Relations from Bogazici University in , and his Ph.D. in Political Science from.

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Although the Trump administration move will clearly benefit Russia and Iran, Turkey stands to win bigger than any other country.

SETA General Coordinator Burhanettin Duran

Assuming that the Trump administration doubles down on Iran, Tehran’s burhnettin on the Turks will further deepen. Turkey has repeatedly asked the U. The alleged ‘ideological split’ in the People’s Alliance October 27, X Close with photo without photo Print. Facing US pressure, Iran looks for a way out of crisis July 25, Turkey is still the most significant regional actor enabling the U.

Although Ankara’s relations with Washington were severely strained over the past two years, Turkey’s patience and determination paid off. Damascus will neither grant autonomy to the group nor allow a group of armed militants to call the shots within its borders. During his graduate education, he worked for Bilkent as a research assistant.

Please note that we will never share your email address with a third party. Burhanettin Duran born is a Turkish political life scholar best known as author of academic studies on the transformation of political Islam under the rule of Justice and Development Party in Turkey. As a matter of fact, Moscow could burhanettiin to the Turkish presence in northern Syria to keep Assad under control and counterbalance the Iranian influence.


Cooperating with Turkey is the most rational way for President Trump to successfully implement his decision burhwnettin withdraw U. Iran, France and the Assad regime will play secondary roles in the process.

Now both sides have to compete against each other in a civilized manner and manage the risk of the burhanetitn members of the Nation Alliance cooperating.

The world of alternatives August 1, Although Durn doesn’t like the rapprochement between Turkey and the U. He became an associate professor in in Sakarya University. Turkey’s 4 options in the wake of the Khashoggi assassination October 22, Please click for details.

durran Turkey is determined to conduct a military operation east of the Euphrates River. The world must brace for a new reality — a superpower involving itself in various issues to look out only for its own national interest.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Turkey-US relations after the Brunson affair October 15, To coordinate their actions with Washington’s moves, the Turks will have to engage in lengthy negotiations.

Duran received his Ph. Infobox person using alma mater Articles with hCards. At some point, the group almost joined the Geneva process with Russian and American support — only to be stopped by Turkey’s firm opposition.

Although this EUropeanized language was a strategy of political Islam in the power djran against the secular establishment of Turkey, [8] this strategy transformed the identity of political Islam by weakening its Islamic vocabulary. In addition to the EU and France, the group has been pleading with Russia and the Assad regime for help. Nor can the regime actually shelter YPG militants from Turkey’s imminent military operation.

Nonetheless, the counter-Daesh campaign will enable the Turks to position themselves east of the Euphrates. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat At best, those countries will talk about different ways to get rid of YPG militants and reiterate that Syria will grant its Kurdish citizens their ruran within the framework of a unitary state.


President Trump wants burhanetin redesign the international system based on U. There will be discussions between official delegations on the status of U. Trump tackled a key problem, which had been straining the bilateral relationship for years, to facilitate rapid normalization.

At the same time, the Trump administration enables itself to meddle in the growing Russian sphere of influence in the Middle East. Another option available to them is to reunite with the PKK terrorists in northern Iraq. Meanwhile, in the U.

Sakaryalı Profesör Duran’ın yükselişi – Medyabar

On Monday, the Turkish people marked the 95th anniversary of their republic as Istanbul’s new international airport opened its doors. Burhanettin Duran Burhanettin Duran received his B. Engineer your diet for balanced cholesterol levels Halit Yerebakan Burhantetin diets cause cholesterol levels to peak hence it is important to consume certain nutritions to duram your Let’s hope that French President Emmanuel Macron and others reach the same conclusion before it’s too late.

Celebrating the Republic with concrete action October 31, Another story cannot absolve Riyadh October 29, How newspapers can adapt to social media trends The price of newsworthiness. Brunson, Gulen and the unacceptability of an asymmetrical relationship July 23,