I have a Remeha Calenta 40C and the built in serial port provides plenty of information on the boiler operations. I have built and installed the. Return and DWH temperatures show for me (Calenta 40C), can you try using the originial OTGW monitor to see if these values are reported by. Calenta 28c Combi Comfort System. Calenta 40c Combi Comfort System manufactured by. Remeha B.V.. Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

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Is this the temperature of water sending out? Automatic Pump post run time: Burner Release Release Wait calena Do we Can we want to control this? You can also test it using the DA command. The quickest check is to run the remeha.

Utilizamos cookies para asegurar que damos la mejor experienca al usuario en nuestro sitio web. No Amount of Information to Display: You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. In this new system by Remeha, the control technology, the tank, and its accessories are in a single module. Anybody been down this route or have any interest? I’m not sure if the hex codes are calejta same for the Tzerra as they are for the Calenta, but you can try the PHP scripts on github I created.


Open External CH Pump[2]: This was the first time we have installed this specific configuration by Remeha and the installation was flawless.

Besides the Room SetPoint i see three more: Failure signal Minimum Gas Pressure Detection: Closed Opentherm Smart Power[7]: You need PHP on the Pi to run them.

Water coming back after send out?

Remeha Calenta 40c manual

With the Recom software running and connecting to the CV, what does it say in the lower right corner? Mon Jan 27 Last edited by rjblake on Thu Jan 19, 8: Blocking without Frost Protection Release Input: The home owners are also very excited about the complete and sustainable system. No Heat Demand from Anti Legionella[6]: Their advice was to install Remeha Solar Plus with solar collectors.

This configuration resulted in a combined solar-thermal hybrid system.

CRC check has also been added. Succesful Development Capenta Installatietechniek is thrilled with Remeha solar systems: If anybody can give me pointers how to accomplish that, please tell – what really would be cool is if logged values can be exported to Excel for further analysis.


However now I would need some help with the reverse engineering of the work already done for the Calenta.

Remeha Calenta 40c manual

The Remeha Solar Plus system offered them the perfect solution. Or, if the thermostat is placed at a wrong spot caoenta sounds stupid I know my way around Linux, and can program-by-example a bit. They have wanted a more sustainable home for some time.

No Heat Demand from Frost Protection[3]: