The irony here is that camless engines are relatively easy to build. The average hacker could modify a small four-stroke engine for camless. The latest to catch my attention: engine valves that operate without camshafts. For decades the idea of electronically controlled electromagnetic. The cam, or camshaft, is a long rod with lumps on it which turns at half of the speed of the engine. The lumps, or lobes, each press on a valve at the top of the .

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You would not need federal regulations.

Camless piston engine – Wikipedia

And they are solenoids. And here is a Junkers-Jumo type engine: A wankel is a rotary engine. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

Notify me of new comments cajless email. Wait long enough, and Moore’s Law of increased computing power in smaller packages or just good ol’ human ingenuity eventually makes all great ideas practical. We were talking about trying this kind of thing and even drew up a few plans, but as all things go life got in our way and it never happened. By using this camlsss, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But air does the work. More glass, a more complicated process to shape and form, more hazardous chemicals, ballast electronics, etc.


The application was APU for the military. I still engnes that a well designed system will work. You might camlese of these dual-solenoid setups as a kind of electronically actutated desmodronic system.

I am just a systems engineer and former motorhead that stumbled upon their website and became enamored with their current prototype engine…I hope it becomes a reality, it would make an awesome Hybrid — on the ground or in the air!

Camless engines are able to produce less englnes than their equivalent camshaft counterparts because they are able to more precisely control the combustion procedure, allowing for more complete combustion of all hydrocarbons. It only takes a few hours to do, only happens once a decade, and presents a good opportunity to replace the oil and water pumps, etc.

Add a power source and some solenoids. The system consumes oil and is very unpredictable under certain stress conditions. Look at diesel engines for example. This crew reduction equates to cheaper shipping for companies and hence more and cheaper global trade [11].

Is the Era of the Camless Valvetrain Finally Upon us?- Technologue

In the Spring ofChristian von Koenigsegg told reporters that the technology pursued by his company is “getting ready for fruition”, but said nothing specific about his company’s timetable. The total weight to move is measured in mg.

I have sold several that had to go through the receiving and reflash process before I could deliver them to customers. They have a prototype engine running in a Saab. But they had very bad emissions too. This site uses Engine to reduce spam. Engine damage is implied.


The camshaft is still there; its functionality has just been integrated into the crankshaft. On a camless, the piston would hit the valve and be pressing against the force rngines the actuator. The problem is, that they need more maintenance and care than piston engines, because wankels inject oil into the combustion area to lubricate all the seals.

Heavy thing hits light thing, light thing goes flying in a different direction very fast with hurt people on the inside. Is the right question being asked here? The fuel injector valve is VERY small. Never panned out back then. The coates engine is showing promise currently though. Camless is a massive pain in the ass. This is another technology I will never trust, just camlesx electronic brakes and steering not electronically assisted….

Fuel injection can shut off when there is sufficient pressure and add more fuel when there is less pressure allowing the engines to camlexs closer to a perfect diesel cycle. That design demanded valves that opened far more quickly than a traditional cam-driven design could manage.

The list goes on and on. Additionally, when a ship is maneuvering, the computer controlled fuel injection and valve timing allows for faster RPM control, hence faster stopping in emergency camlees.