CAN/ULC-S PERIODIC INSPECTIONS AND TEST – DAILY AND MONTHLY. NOTE: Refer to Appendix D for examples of Inspection and Test Record. SCOPE. This Standard provides requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions to be inspected. 1 SCOPE This Standard prescribes requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions.

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CAN/ULC-S536-04 Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

I Terminals clamped tightly. Battery Type as installed: Control panel bonded to ground. Description of the function of each operating control and indicator on the fire alarm control unit. S Input circuit supervision fault causes a trouble indication.

CAN/ULC-S Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

Record the name and telephone number of the fire signal receiving centre. Maintenance Items Annually Hose nozzles – open and close and lubricate if necessary. Test and confirm conventional field device supervision of wiring. Trouble signal silence switch operates. J Correct electrolyte level. Seconds Date of trip test from records on site was: Two stage pull stations tested and functions confirmed? Reduced pressure assembly valves inspected for leaks or corrosion?


Standards Council of Canada

Buildings – prior to freezing weather? Required Building Code Alarm Operation: Are above readings comparable to design values?

Circuits for emergency telephone call-in operation, including audible and L visual indication operates. The montly test is to ensure that all audible and visual alarm indicators function properly and are loud or visible enough to alert all the occupants to a fire condition.

Special Inspection Postal Code: Switches for ancillary functions operate as per design and specification. When sufficient particles accumulate, the unit goes into an alarm condition. Annual Testing – The Annual Test of the fire alarm system is performed by qualified technical personnel to a specific National Standard.

Advise central monitoring facility that testing is completed? Time for engine to normal run speed: AA Fire alarm reset function operates.

Fire Alarm System Periodic Inspection (CAN/ULC-S)

Check relief port on pressure reducer valves are not leaking? Nozzle clips in place and nozzles contained?


Ground fault tested on positive and negative initiates trouble signal. Manual transfer from alert signal to alarm signal.

Yes No Pump run for ten 10 minutes Test log reviewed via visual display at controller? Abnormally frequent false tripping of dry-pipe valves? System is returned to service after an extended period of non-service?

It might be a good idea to suggest that they practice their individual escape plans during the test as well. J Upon failure of one amplifier, x536 automatically transfers to backup K amplifier s.

Fire hose connection undamaged? Low points in dry systems drained prior to freezing weather?