Find out more about our 50PCH / PCV (kW) products on the Carrier UK website. grammed, easy to use, Carrier Comfort Controller set up for a WSHP . through panel opposite air coil on back discharge units. 50PCH. UNIT. SIZE. OVERALL. Find great deals for Carrier Aquazone 4 Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/3. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Fig. 3 — 50pcv unit dimensions – Carrier AQUAZONE 50PCH User Manual

Air Coil Cleaning Proper water treatment can minimize tube fouling and pitting. Jumper Y and R for compressor operation in Test mode. Water-to-water water source heat pump with puron refrigerant ra 24 pages. Two-Position OA Damper — Don’t have an account? The mute package in combination 5pch standard unit noise reduction features as mentioned previously provide sound levels and noise reduction to the highest degree.

For all models other than volt units, the supplied motor is 50pdh three speed motor; volt motors are single speed. Water conditioning In some applications, maintaining proper water quality may require carrrier corrosion protection for the water-torefrigerant heat exchanger. Page 34 The WSHP Open controller has its own hardware clock that is automatically set when the heat pump software is downloaded to the board. The controller carried designed to allow users access and ability to change and configure multiple settings and features including indoor air quality IAQwaterside economizer controls, etc.

Horizontal units are not internally trapped; therefore an external trap is necessary. Design flexibility Airflow configurations for horizontal units are available in patterns including left or right return, and top, straight, end, or bottom discharge. Ball valve with integral pressure temperature plug recommended.

All 50;ch stated are in accordance with standard conditions under ISO International Organization for Standardization Standard Step 7 – Pipe Connections.


Optional pressure-rated hose assemblies designed specifi- cally for use with Carrier units are available. Units with Aquazone Complete C Control. Page 50 Copyright Carrier Corporation Manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue, or change at any time, specifications or designs without notice and without incurring obligations.

If it is not possible to meet the pitch requirement, a condensate pump should be designed and installed at the unit to pump condensate to a building drain. Fan motor relay Jumper G and R for fan operation. Jumper G and R for fan operation. Simplified refrigerant circuits provide easy maintenance, higher accuracy and excellent performance. Deluxe D Darrier Accessory Relay 3. Page 41 Ensure thermostat set for heating or cooling operation. Units supplied carrir permanently lubricated motors must provide external oilers for easy service.

Many features are field selectable to maximize flexibility in field installation. 5pch working on air-conditioning equipment, observe. Step 9 – Wire Field Controls. Al- low 15 minutes between cooling and heating tests for pressure to equalize. Easy removal of the control box from the unit provides access to all refrigeration components. In addition, horizontal and vertical units are both mounted on oversized pallets with lag csrrier for sturdiness and maximum protection during transit.

If units with these arrangements are not used, the contractor supplying the water source heat pumps is responsible for any extra costs incurred by other trades and must submit detailed mechanical drawings showing ductwork requirements and changes or relocation of any other mechanical or electrical system.

Complete C Control Jumper Settings.

Field selectable switch initiates a warning code on the unit display. Refrigerant to water heat exchangers shall be of copper inner water tube and steel outer refrigerant tube design rated to withstand psig working refrigerant pressure and psig working water pressure. Painted, dipped or e-coated heat exchangers are not acceptable. A low pH and high alkalinity cause system problems, even when both values are within ranges shown. Factory-installed options are offered to meet specific design requirements.


This option minimizes peak electrical demand during start-up from different operating modes or after cafrier power outages. The filter rack shall incorporate a 1-in. Closing off fluid flow to the unit when there is no call for cooling or heating reduces system operating costs, when using variable speed pumping, by reducing the speed of the primary loop pumps.

Carrier AQUAZONE 50PCH Manuals

Blower inlet rings allow blower wheel removal without having to remove the housing or ductwork connections. Proper water treatment can minimize tube fouling and pitting.

Corrosion is caused by absorption of gases from the air coupled with water on exposed metal. Shell and tube style refrigerant to water heat exchangers shall be treated as pressure vessels and shall require refrigerant pressure relief valves piped to the carrie of the building.

Controls shall include fan relay, compressor contactor, v transformer, reversing valve coil, solid state lockout controller and unit protection module UPM. Vertical units are available in four airflow patterns including top discharge with front, right or left return.

The contractor supplying the water source heat pumps with shell and tube heat exchangers shall be responsible for any additional installation costs. Table 27 — Approximate Fluid Volume gal. carruer

Carrier Aquazone Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/1 | eBay

It is not acceptable to use a common trap or vent for multiple units. Transferring heat from warm to cold spaces in the building, whenever they coexist, conserves energy rather than creating new heat.

Likewise, a second delay is used when staging down. Cabinet — Heavy gage galvanized sheet metal cabinet construction enables part standardization i. Painted steel or plastic is not acceptable. Step 2 – Check Unit.