Catálogo SP. Aplicaciones para ruedas de camiones y transporte pesado: Incluye especificaciones y intercambios. Rodamientos y. Sellos SKF. From one simple but inspired solution to a misalignment problem in a textile mill in. Sweden, and fifteen employees in , SKF has grown to become a global. Heavy Duty Pillow Block Maintenance Handbook Catalogue No. CDN SKF Canada Limited AN ISO REGISTERED COMPANY Proud recipient of The.

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To adjust labyrinth seal flingers, move the flingers axially toward housing until they contact insert. Where there is a risk of the grease becoming contaminated, the relubrication intervals should be reduced. Variety of sealing arrangements available, see Page 8. Also if catallgo is required, only shims giving full mounting support must be used.

A very small movement of the nut will usually align these.

Sealing features are the same as the SD pillow block. This reduc tion also applies to applications where the grease is required to seal against moisture e. The maximum permissible misalignment of the shaft is approximately 1 up to shaft diameters of mm 3. Pillow block housings shown in the housing tables are horizontally split and are designated for use with selfaligning ball bearings and spherical roller bearings with either a tapered bore and mounted on an adapter sleeve or with a cylindrical bore.

Bienvenido a Cooper

cataloggo Note that the cap must not be interchanged with that skc another housing. Use same grease as for lubrication of bearing. Standard with triple ring seal.

Extremely user-friendly due to spring operated and self-locking arms, gripping b ehind the component with just one movement of the hand Ergonomic red-rings Available in three sizes with a maximum withdrawal force of 3, 5 or 8 tonnes 30, 50 or 80kNenabling easy selection Hydraulic force generators available for the 8 tonne 80kN EasyPull Light-weight Safe: Induction heating An induction heater is similar to a transformer, using the principle of a primar y coil with a large number of windings and a secondary coil with a few windings on a mutual iron core.


It may be necessary to further tighten the nut to engage a washer tab with a slot in the nut. They are most commonly used in the SDCD and SNL series of housing which have additional grease fitting allowing the seals to be periodically purged.

To avoid damage to the bearing it is used at very high or very low temperatures. The seals in the housing cap are held in position while the cap is fitted on the housing base. Bearings which have become contaminated because of Lubricate the chamfered face of the locknut and the threads improper handling damaged package etc.

V-ring seals may be used for oil lubrication. Can be temporarily deactivated Reduced inventory cost as one lubricator covers all time settings. The halves of the seals are inserted in the housing chumwceras and the spaces between the lips of the seals are filled with grease.

Additionally, hazardous slipping of the puller claws is avoided due to the special locking mechanism which ensures a tighter grip of the components as the pulling force increases. The shaft, complete with bearing assembly, is placed in the lower half of the housing. Lindsay Scarborough, Ontario Burnaby, B. It should also be noted that bearings are generally lubricated after mounting. SKF BeltAlign attaches simply ksf securely to the pulley; two V-guides grip the groove while bar magnets hold the unit firmly in place.

The second labyrinth seal is placed on the shaft following instruction as described above under 2, except reverse sequence. The shaft, complete with bearing assembly and sealing components, is placed in the lower half of the housing.

Used for inch shafting variety of sealing arrangements available, see Page 8. Conve rsely, if operating temperatures are lower than 70C, the intervals can be lengthened to about twice the skr values for operat ing temperatures of 50C and below. Apply a coat of light oil to the shaft and bearing bore. With high speeds, it becomes necessary to add fresh grease and remove old grease more frequently to obtain safe operation.


After removing the used grease, fresh grease should cuumaceras packed between the rolling elem ents. Do not allow the V-ring seal lip to pass through the sheet metal washer.

To recognize A-design, cap of block is held down with 2 hex. BeltAlign, SKF s belt alignment tool, is the most precise alignment tool for V-bel t pulleys available. The ring also acts as a flinger as it rotates with the shaft. Their design offers the distinct advantage that housing caps may be removed for maintenance inspection of bearings with the seals remaining undisturbed.

One V-ring and one sheet metal washer are placed on the shaft.

Catalogo Chumaceras Skf

Finally the silicon O-ring is placed in the grooves of the labyrinth seals. To recognize N-design, the block has 4 hex. At the first charge of grease, the bearing must be filled with grease do not wash out the protective coating and the housing will be filled one-third full.

For SNL pillow block housings, catalgo V-rings seal against sheet metal washers which are coated with a rust inhibitor.

Wrenches are available for bearing drive up. Apply locknut with face lubricated, tighten with appropriate wrench until all components are locked up solid to shaft shoulder.