The first Subbuteo figure was the flat two dimensional cardboard figure first seen Available teams were numbers in the catalogue plus some special. West Ham. 1. Claret base 2. Sky base 3. Claret base with flesh plastic 4. Red base with flesh plastic 5. White base with blue inners flesh plastic 6. Blue base. The complete team, starters and substitutes. 22 outfield players + 3 rodded keepers. Please specify in the ORDER NOTES the number and the name of the.

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Also Rotherham in the s, and occasionally Lincoln and Stirling Albion. The claret version is lovely.

The first batch increased the teams from 81 to The final appearance of the original black shorts version was The player is painted onto a white figure, and the white trim is bare plastic. Rangers and Den Haag-Ado Hol. Gold, Tangerine, and possibly Amber. Peter Upton’s Subbuteo Tribute Website. I know two people who collect Zombies. From left to right During it’s long reign, the Classic Heavyweight remained the standard figure for the growing number of available kits in the catalogue but other designs of player were used in the boxed starter sets and also for the eight 5-a-side Football Express teams.

With the machines came the more intricate kits and by the middle ‘s it was possible to buy Premiership teams, still on the two colour bases with sponsors logos, very fine detail and for the first time since the one off Heavyweight France team in the late ‘s, mixed race teams that included three dark skinned players.

Heavyweight Reference Chart 1. Technical stuff and I am particularly fond of the Scarecrow and remember getting a set of these in red with my first Club edition, painting all the white in the kit with red Airfix paint to create a makeshift Liverpool until I got the ‘proper’ thing for my birthday. Obviously, this could not be done at this scale, so it changed to a red hoop.


The ‘Zombie’ was born named so after it’s likeness of a Zombie from a long forgotten ‘B’ movie or Michael Jackson video and I remember well the fights at the toy shop as the last of the classic Heavyweights were snapped up, leaving the shelves of Zombies to gather dust. Although not an expert and dates are approximate, the images below should guide you in the right direction as to if you are in possession of a heavyweight, lightweight, zombie, walker or scarecrow!

Catalogo HW

In probably the most loved and memorable of all the footballing figures was released, the Classic Heavyweight, which was more than likely designed by the sculptor Charles Stadden who was also responsible for other accessories in the Subbuteo range such as the World Cup trophy and various stadium figures.

Blue base with sky inners flesh plastic. Sky blue base 3. All photographs and text contained in this site cataloog not be reproduced in any form without express permission. Northampton in the s.

This kit was often painted with Subbuteo’s navy blue i. Occasionally, Scunthorpe, Mansfield, Barrow and Tranmere.

subbuteo memorabilia old team

Note, Subbuteo’s navy is often mistaken for black. Even by the time of the heavyweight figure, a couple of these stranger kits were not being used by anyone. These early figures are known as vintage heavyweights by most collectors and saw the start of the ‘Continental Range’ of teams and accessories.

The Italian catalogue of still illustrates this team with a heavyweight player in red and yellow. Today, this is the most sought after figure type of all by collectors.


Later used by other Italian eubbuteo Genoa and Sambenedettese. A stronger celluloid version followed which was still available in the shops until the early ‘s and sbbuteo the references Claret sock hoops 4. The Humbrol logo is used with permission. Hol N. Also Crystal Palace during the s. Little Plastic Men recommend Humbrol products. So it exists in this figure, but is hard to find. With Subbuteo production at a halt, Hasbro granted license to an Italian firm, Edilio Parodi in to manufacture a new range of teams which was short lived and ceased in late Although the UK heavyweight stock seems to disappear quickly.

The Figure After much speculation and anticipation, Hasbro released a new figure and two base designs in early Was Newport County in Also Peterborough sjbbuteo Karlsruher White base two arm stripes 2. Moulded with sock trim 5. Was also Partick Thistle in the s.

Fulham 2nd in Now that I’ve split the figure types, I’ve had to change how the lists are dated. Nijmegen Hol Como Italy Italian sides. Blue base blue socks 3.

Subbuteo – Little Plastic Men H/W Teams

dubbuteo Yugoslavia and later Albania. Second version – Horizontal hoop 0although the horizontal stripe must have actually arrived earlier than these catalogue dates suggest F. This may have just been sold as a “named box” team see later in the lists Machine catalogp doesn’t seem to be in full flow to around so probably explains why the first of the lightweights were hand painted along with the left over stocks of unwanted Zombies for a year or two.