With this latest revision, our main priority was to resolve unclear or incomplete areas of the CCXML specification. During this process several sections of the. The CCXML specification defines both a state machine and event handing syntax and a standardized set of call control elements. This tutorial implements the CCXML specification that was used for the CCXML is a new language, so new that the W3C specification has not.

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An ECMAScript expression which returns a string that is the identifier of the second connection that is to be merged. With this latest revision, our main priority was to resolve unclear or incomplete areas of the CCXML specification. The downloadable version of this article contains all of the code examples in easy to use text files.

As an example, this situation could easily occur with connection. While developing and maintaining speech applications in two languages may be feasible, it’s preferable for the industry to work toward a single language for developing speech-enabled interfaces as well as multimodal applications.

Each named variable will be created as a property of ‘session.

CCXML 1.0 Implementation Report Plan

Please see the complete list in the Acknowledgments section at the rear of the specification. If the dialog is bridged to a conference the value MUST be undefined. The following example includes a. Many of the network environments in which a CCXML implementation may be expected to operate provide facilities by which two existing calls can be merged into a single call at the network dcxml.

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Since conferences are global in scope, it is possible that other sessions will establish or terminate bridges to a Conference created by an application. How IoT, robotics, and AI are tackling one of the biggest problems of the century. These variables MUST be submitted to the web server, with the same qualification as used in the namelist.

W3C Working Draft October Variables in the ccxml scope can also be created without an explicit declaration by assigning a value to a property of the ccxml object ccxml.

Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version 1.0

Variables declared in this manner are declared in the scope of the closest containing scope CCXML element. Even if an implementation platform accepts the aai data, certain protocols and network elements may prevent the transmission to the target endpoint.

A Connection Object must have a connectionid property which is the ECMAScript string value of the Connection identifier, which uniquely identifies each instance of the Connection object.

However it should be noted that the two languages are separate and are not required in an implementation of either language. The bridge concept and the details of its behavior are fundamental to CCXML Dialogs and Connections are equivalent with respect to establishing and terminating bridges; the term “Media Endpoint” is used as a common term to refer both to Connections and Dialogs from the perspective of bridging operations.

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language – Wikipedia

If for specififation reason the implementation is unable to terminate the bridge between the specified connections, or if no such bridge exists, it MUST fail with a error. They exist while the document is loaded. This destroys the conference if no other sessions are attached to it. Implementers MAY define and support any platform-specific events they like.


Cover Pages: Voice Browser Call Control (CCXML)

Optionally the new dialog may be associated with a connection by specifying the connectionid attribute, or with a conference by specifying the conferenceid attribute. Overview Specifucation this latest revision, our main priority was to resolve unclear or incomplete areas of the CCXML specification.

Note that it is not necessary for a session to share a conference by assigning it a name in order for other sessions to make use of that conference. Platforms that do not support specigication on an element MAY ignore this attribute.

If the new CCXML session is unable to fetch the initial document within the timeout interval, an error. This will allow any telephone to be used to access appropriately designed Web-based services, and will specificagion a boon to people with visual impairments or needing Web access while keeping theirs hands and eyes free for other things.

If the event source can receive events, you can use this in the targettype attribute of send. This interval begins when the fetch is executed. To accomplish this, a Java class is used. An ECMAScript expression which returns a string that is the identifier of the conference that must be destroyed. There are several ways this arrangement can be achieved, depending on the initial states of the Connections and Dialogs.

The character string returned must be interpreted as a time interval.