No celebraremos la muerte de los dioses blancos. En el quinto centenario de la llegade de colon. N.p., n.d. Sharpe, Eric J. The Universal Gîtâ: Western Images. Oigan lo que dice Jesucristo nuestro Señor: Amarás al Señor tu Dios con . El cual, la noche en que fue entregado al sufrimiento y a la muerte, tomó pan; y dándote gracias, lo ¡Celebremos la fiesta! .. Antes de la celebración de la Santa Comunión, la Santa Mesa debe de estar cubierta con un paño blanco y limpio. , No Celebraremos la Muerte de los Dioses Blancos. , Nuestro Honor se Llama Lealtad. , Imitacion de la Verdad: La ciberpolitica. Internet.

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Especially important is the story of the friendship with Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi with the dramatic description of his funerals and the Dalai Lama.

Between andhe studied at the Internado Nacional Barros Arana. Ludovici Trevor Lynch J.

Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. A Record of Two Friendshipswas published. Internado Nacional Barros Arana. Cflebraremos can well imagine this, under the right circumstances, becoming a religious text in a distant, post-apocalyptic future; read, interpreted, and re-interpreted by mystics and monastic scholars.

I only loved Irene. After Allende was ousted in a coup and Augusto Pinochet took power, Serrano returned to Chile in Any parallels we encounter in our exoteric plane of existence are due to common sources of inspiration. The latter is under the jurisdiction of murte Demiurge, an inferior godlet whose realm is the physical planet earth. Following Chile’s election of a Marxist President, Salvador AllendeSerrano was dismissed from the diplomatic service in Serrano mediates between the outer world of matter and the inner blwncos of spirituality, questioning rather than answering, searching rather than finding, and suggesting bblancos than asserting, but always affirming a core set of anti-materialistic, inegalitarian, traditionalist doctrines.


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From the s up towhen he was dismissed by Salvador Allendehe served as ambassador to IndiaYugoslaviaRomaniaBulgaria and Austria. Determined upon a heroic war to reclaim the Demiurge’s deteriorating world, the Hyperboreans clothed themselves in material bodies and descended on to the Second Hyperborea, a ring-shaped continent around the North Pole.

Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. After visiting Antarctica, Serrano travelled to Germany and then Switzerland, where he met the novelist Herman Hesse and psychoanalyst Carl Jung ; in he published a reminiscence of his time with the pair.

Miguel Serrano

I have never been able to love anyone like that again. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. Gods of the Blood: Based on 16th-century accounts of the Spanish conquistadors being “greeted as gods” by the peoples of the New Worldcertain modern authors have expanded the concept beyond what is historically verifiable, spreading it to the genre of pseudoarchaeological literature and fringe theoristssuch as writers on ancient astronauts or Atlantisin some instances such as Christian Identity even acquiring quasi-religious or racialist white supremacist connotations.

During this Golden Age or Satya Yugathey magnanimously instructed the Demiurge’s creations the Black, Yellow and Red races native to the planet and began to raise them above their animal condition. In he meets Irene Klatt Getta in Santiago, who played a fundamental role in his life and to whom he dedicates a large part of his work.


There are also pages that refer especially to his friendship with Professor CG Jung, as well as countless other international personalities of those years. It would be wrong to think of Serrano as a political ideologue: Book of the Resurrection”. Epistolarios Por ChileOfficial website.

The Golden Thread | Counter-Currents Publishing

Main feed Comments feed Podcast feed. And so it has been universally understood by the many editions that have been made blqncos continue to be done to date in different languages and countries. Aged eighteen, Barreto was killed in a brawl with uniformed Nacistas, members of the National Socialist Movement of Chilea fascist group inspired by the example of the Nazi Party in Germany. You can also find transcripts of letters from both authors.

A magical story, “a dream within other duoses, as he described it, where mythical and archetypal figures such as King Solomon, Melchizedek and the Queen of Sheba appear in an environment of millennia old.

He also talks about his expedition to Antarctica —48 and his first trip to Europewhen he met Hermann Hesse. Schocken Books []; London: velebraremos