Manuals and User Guides for Celestron NexStar SLT. We have 1 Celestron NexStar SLT manual available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. View and Download Celestron NexStar SLT quick setup manual online. Celestron NexStar SLT: Quick Setup. NexStar SLT Telescope pdf manual . SkyQ Link WiFi Module Version 2 Manual – Celestron provides this sheet for download for both modules. CPC and CPC NexStar SLT Series. NexStar+ Hand.

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Apart from a few very minor caveats, this scope performed better that I ever expected.

Celestron NexStar SLT Manuals

The finder has a quick release mount. The mount uses a single fork rather than the two forks used in most Alt-Az mounts. Before you can begin observing,you must setup your hand control, align your finderscope and align your telescope. A little too clever.

I must honestly say that I was surprised and impressed at the f5 Newtonian tube assembly. When I aligned on it I realised it was the planet Saturn! They looked fine to me. One should try to get at least 90 degrees between the objects so this seemed a reasonable slew.

Don’t have an account? On the next clear night I tried to assess the quality of the eyepieces. They deserve to sell in large numbers and Celestron are to be congratulated not only in coming up with a brilliant way to align a computerised scope but providing this new software in a worthwhile aperture scope at a very reasonable price.


All appeared in the field of view though were barely visible through the haze. It is said that this reduces the contrast of the rings seen in the out of focus image.

Ditto re the barrel interior. Slide the optical tube dovetail into the fork. Called SkyAlign it is wonderfully simple to use.

During moments of very good seeing I could see the Cassini division and possibly a hint of a band around the surface — by this time the skies were clearing somewhat. The brightest stars in the SAO Smithsonian ………. As an Alt-Az mount requires the use of both motions to track it needs to be aligned before it can track.

This reduces the time for its calculations to determine which objects have been selected by the observer as it can eliminate many possibilities. Tracking with an Alt-Az mount. A small ring on the centre of the primary mirror helps to carry out collimation if necessary.

Why bother to observe when much of the sky is cloud covered? This is far, far better than the thick metal vanes that I have seen on several mm Newtonians and less image degradation will result as a consequence.

Nicely centred In the field and more obvious than the Auriga clusters as this part of the sky was clearer.

The Nextstar range uses the same computerised mount and tripod on which is mounted a range of telescopes: Got it, continue to print. Down and neexstar it cepestron. Celestron chd refractor telescope instruction manual, 18 pages. The underside of the clouds were bright orange, but the sky seen through the gaps was really dark.


It must be correctly located as I had celrstron problem in adding Barlow lenses or using a heavy 2 inch eyepiece. Celestron instruction manual telescope power seeker 10 pages. Again, indications of a good mirror and collimation. The numeric keys have letters or words on them relating to the various catalogues held in the computers memory. I believe this and the other telescopes in the Nextstar range will be able to painlessly introduce many newcomers to the night sky.

So far, very good. Assemble tripod by spreading the legs.

Celestron NexStar 130SLT Quick Setup Manual

My final move was back to Capella to do a little star testing — comparing the intra and extra-focal images. The computer asks the observer to align the manusl onto three bright objects. To attach the finderscope, loosen the silver screw and slide finderscope into mounting platform. The second was a piece of software that would allow you to control the telescope from a laptop or computer given a suitable connecting cable which can be nexstra as an accessory. Accesses a set of object lists such as named stars and named objects.

CapellaSirius and Saturn.