Online Database of Christadelphian Bible Talks, Studies, and Exhortations. This exhortation is available as a free MP3 Audio file, download here: http://www. Please forward this. Below is a typical exhortation of the kind given at Christadelphian Halls the world over If you would like to receive these on a weekly basis please send an.

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Ted Sleeper, April 9, Welcome to the Exhortation Page. Ben Gallagher, September 7, With all cheistadelphian commercial activity and revelry of the season it is easy to overlook the true meaning of this great event in history.

Christian Russell, January 14, Being separated from the world by the knowledge of exhortatipns only true gospel of the living God. Therefore, we are buried with him by baptism into death: Art Kirsch, April 8, James Robinson, Exhortagions 10, David Burges, June 24, Art Kirsch, March 9, Robert Sleeper, June 19, John Pople, October 16, Andy Merg, October 7, Kainon Irons, July 29, WE exist for his benefit, his glory, his purpose, and his delight.


Christadelphian Exhortations

Duncan Kenzie, January 23, To any superficial scrutiny, such an individual may appear to be well equipped and christaelphian, but the trials of life will differentiate between the genuine and the sham. Jim Seagoe, January 4, Tim Genders, October 9, Just as with my students, quite often human nature raises its ugly head, and the respect and obedience is lacking, so also with us and our Heavenly Father.

Marco Dondero, December 23, Jim Seagoe, August 23, It seems that everyday is a challenge to find time to do the things we need to do. Jim Seagoe, August 12, Robert Sleeper, October exhortatiosn, James Robinson, April 12, John Warner, April 6, Ted Sleeper, May 23, We also rejoice that he was born into this world.

Ted Sleeper, November 26, Christadflphian Glumac, July 12, But whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

Ray Riley, February 1, If we remember Christadel;hian only at holiday times such as at Christmas and Easter, it is easy to get a distorted picture of his life and mission, and not see the complete truth as it is in Jesus. It equips him to be able to place confidence in what Yahweh will do in the future, because of His goodness in the past.


Luke Burow, January 25, We may be friends with those who may not be Christadelphians but who respect our beliefs. Such a person does not hear and do the sayings of the Lord because of either spiritual laziness and an unwillingness to labor to build upon rock, or because of a desire to put on a show of religion without the inner transformation and personal dedication to Christ that is required.

If this country started a policy to arrest and persecutes all Christians, would we be arrested, or would we be released because of lack of evidence?

Jason Fish, October 15, Jim Seagoe, May 15, Newness of Life – Paul’s epistle to the Romans 6: Sterwart Robertson, October 30, Art Kirsch, December 28, We must not only remember the fact, but also what the fact means, and what God has accomplished for us.