Club rooms & weirdos Author: Kimidori-san Genre: Fluff, Humor, College!AU, Crack Rating: pg Pairings: Kaisoo(main), Hunhan, Baekyeol Summary: It takes. Anonymous said: Do you know if Clubrooms and Weirdos is posted anywhere else besides by the original author? She deleted her account. EXO Fanfic Recs ยท @exo_rec. My personal library of EXO Fanfiction that I thought I’d make public incase anyone’s ever looking for a fic.

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EXO Fanfic Rec #1 (KAISOO, BAEKYEOL, HUNHAN) | K-Pop World FanFics Amino

The idea of falling in love is terrifying enough as is; the idea of falling clubroome love with your best friend is simply unspeakable. Lu Han is a divorce lawyer.

Luhan has never really been able to get along with cats. They say that love can happen in the blink of an eye. Sehun and Luhan try to find the meaning of love never knowing that they knew it all along. Hunhan no character deaths just so fluffy.

Kyungsoo has go to a family wedding where tensions are high, so Jongin offers to be his buffer. Because Sekai makes hot porn.


Everything would be the same in that moment. When Baekhyun is eleven years old, he almost an in a public pool. Kris thinks, he may just get used to writing songs just so he can force Yixing to sing them to him. It occurs to Sehun that Luhan probably needed a lot of band-aids.

K-Pop World FanFics

Kray I suggest you read the Chinese version so it makes more sense if you read Chinese. Wu Fan is a single father raising his six weirdoz old daughter alone.

Suho had picked Chen up from one of the lesser known dealers down on the south side. Chanyeol is merely my instrument of choice.

First Kisses and All That Jazz: Baekyeol, Kaisoo, Hunhan and Fanxing Description: Could this brand new Korean restaurant run them out of business? Dig it up, Set it high, Love at first sigh: In which they give up their aspirations for each other.

Kaisoo Fic Recs

One morning, EXO wakes up and Kyungsoo is four years old. Weddings are universally hated. In which Kyungsoo is drowning in caffeine and suffocating in depression and Jongin just might be his savior. I Baekyeol I NC Kris is a creature from an evil dimension. There is something about the water that has always been home.


Kyungsoo has a foul temper and Jongin is a cranky loner. Too shy to ask Kyungsoo out, Jongin pretends to be the delivery guy so he can continue to see him.

Junmyeon owns a small bookstore and he hires kitty Jongin as a live-in shop assistant. Yixing is his biggest fan.

Xi Luhan was untouchable. Finally, Jongin and Kyungsoo will stop running around and face their feelings for one another. Romance, Smut, College Cheerleader! My name is Byun Baekhuyn and I want my stupid. Xiuhan dont get it xlubrooms, i still refuse to like xiuhan.

They might also, kind of be in love. But not before making things a bit more complicated.