Repair and service information for the Contax camera. The Contax service manual gives a comprehensive list of possible causes of various symptoms and I suggest you refer to that if the cause of your problem. Contax Quartz 35mm SLR camera, Contax Q, Q. TTL metering system using a silicon photo diode, manual or aperture-priority exposure controls .

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Shutter Release Switch The shutter release switch consists of a domed metal disk sitting conta a printed circuit board. The finder has a matte field with a horizontal split-image device surrounded by a microprism. It may need a wiggle to get it clear.

The solution is to remove the catch by unscrewing the screw note the washers and their positions and cleaning the faces of the catch and the washers as they will probably be gummed up.

An already broken mirror will probably shatter further while being removed. Then remove the two screws usually sealed that hold the switch cover in place.

With the ISO plate lifted, the switch, which is on the underside of the plate, can be dismantled. With the button unscrewed, the ISO dial assembly can be lifted out. Fit the Corrective Lever Guide as shown.

Contax – – The free camera encyclopedia

A good mirror to be used as a replacement should come out cleanly if care is taken. Manaul of the slots will have the end of a spring engaged in it. It didn’t seem like a bad price for an example advertised as being in FWO. Other new features included manual or aperture-priority exposure controls and a DOF preview lever.

Contax Resource

Next remove the rewind knob. Most repairs will require some degree of dismantling of the camera so it makes sense to start with the basic top cover confax baseplate removal. The Contax Quartz is a 35mm SLR that was introduced in and manufactured up until with something overbeing built in that time.

Note the spring hooked around the larger, black, screw. Retrieved from ” http: I intended to make it my main film camera, and planned to send it to Peter Robinson for a conta service. Undo the cojtax which is found under the rubber insert. Work your way around to lift all four corners.


The problem is with the catch that catches the second curtain at the end of its travel to stop it bouncing. Once the top cover is removed, the shutter speed dial click plate assembly is removed by removing the rewind shaft holder nut then disengaging the spring from the click lever assembly then moving the lever out of the way, or lifting it off, so that the click plate can be lifted off the shaft. The mirror can be separated from the carrier using a thin, long bladed knife which should be inserted between the mirror and the carrier and worked side to side gradually cutting through the tape.

DIY Repairs This page is intended to give some guidance to anyone wishing to attempt their own repairs. A small PCB on the back of the plate makes contact with some spring contacts in the body allowing the plate to be removed. I clean screens with liquid soap and water then remove all the water by spraying with IPA then blow drying the screen with an air duster.

If you don’t have one, cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol IPA does almost as well. Next remove the film advance lever. The viewfinder has a matte field with a horizontal split-image central spot surrounded by a micro-prism collar.

Also make sure the shorter of the two curved slots in the plate is nearest the prism.

These were, at least in part, to overcome some reliability issues with early examples. The position of the stop is adjustable to make fine adjustments to the focus. Adjust the viewfinder display LED position by adjusting the slotted screws previously mentioned while looking through the viewfinder with the LEDs lit.

Usually the fresnel lens, which is on the underside of the screen, becomes damaged and nothing can be done with it. The ISO contact plate assembly has three metal disks mounted over it. The most common problem with the is a sticking release magnet. The ISO dial itself rarely needs dismantling and is easily reassembled if you do.


So here’s a step by step reassembly guide. The connections for the magnet are under this plate and some checks can be carried out.

This ensures the corners and end of the cover fit neatly. This allows for the mirror mechanism to be supported while the old mirror is removed which, otherwise, might cause damage to the mirror mechanism through contqx strain being put on it. Use a piece of rubber to press against the trim and then unscrew it. But the various plates that fit under the ISO dial are less intuitive to reassemble and, unless you take careful notes when removing them, you will likely not get them back in the correct position.

Needless to say, anything you do to your camera is at your cnotax even if you are following my instructions. And so my Contax quartz was consigned to the scrap heap. Disengage the spring and lift off the washer.

When looking through the viewfinder, any specs of dust that are visible and are sharpley focussed are on the top of the screen or the underside of the prism. Cleaning the Focus Screen When looking through the viewfinder, any specs of dust that are visible and are sharpley focussed are on the manyal of the screen or the underside of the prism.

Fit the cover starting from the middle. The most likely reason for doing it is to contaax access to the release magnet which is underneath the mirror box.

Contax 139Q

Unscrew the two screws either side of the viewfinder. It is powered by two SR44 batteries. Lift a corner of it first and then pull the whole insert out.