Repair and service information for the Contax camera. The Contax service manual gives a comprehensive list of possible causes of various symptoms and I suggest you refer to that if the cause of your problem. Contax Quartz 35mm SLR camera, Contax Q, Q. TTL metering system using a silicon photo diode, manual or aperture-priority exposure controls .

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To release the flexi at the flash contacts, first remove the viewfinder surround by unscrewing the two screws and pulling it away note that the viewfinder lens is now exposed so take care not to scratch it.

User Guide for Contax Camera, Free Instruction Manual

Also contas any batteries to eliminate power to the flexi. This will stop it from turning so that the knob can be unscrewed. However, there are other’s in my collection that are just as good such as my humble Yashica FX-D. The ISO dial plate needs to be released by unscrewing the three retaining screws and also the exposure compensation indicator arm pivot.

Once the top cover is removed, the shutter speed dial click plate assembly is removed by removing the rewind shaft holder nut then disengaging the spring from the click lever assembly then moving the lever out of the maual, or lifting it off, so that the click plate can be lifted off the shaft.

The mirror box can now be pulled forward. Service and repair information for the Contax To refit the memo holder, clean up the plastic rivets that will have pulled through the holes. Use a piece of rubber to press against the trim and then unscrew it. Removing amnual plate allows better access to the mirror damper flywheel which sometimes squeaks and ccontax lubricating. Multi exposure switch The multi-exposure switch, which also unlocks the exposure compensation dial, engages with two levers, one for each function.


Contax Resource

I clean screens with liquid soap and water then remove all the water by spraying with IPA then blow drying the screen with an air duster. Fit the Corrective Lock Plate contwx sure the lower pawl engages with the slot.

There is one screw holding it in place. A common problem with combination magnets is the armature sticks to the magnet due to dirt or contamination. Replacement is the reverse order but, before refitting the mirror box, cock the shutter by using the film advance and cock the mirror by pushing the lever shown in the next picture in the direction shown until it locks into place.

Contax 139Q

The transfer switch is located under the base plate. Lift ckntax corner of it first and then pull the whole insert out. To clean the magnet which is under the mirror box, refer to the previous sections to remove the mirror box. Move the lever in the direction of the arrow to release the shutter.

Mirror Stop and Focus Errors The mirror stop is located mahual the mirror box arrowed in picture and the mirror rests against it when in the down position. The prism comes out in a frame which also holds the focus screen.

The rubber insert on top of the lever is stuck on. Unscrew the two screws either side of the viewfinder. It easiest to reassemble the plates under the ISO dial before refitting the top cover. Clean the spring contacts and also the mating contacts on the rear of the PCB which is attached to the back of the front plate.

Reassembly Reassembly is, generally, the reverse order of disassembly but there are a few of things worth specifically mentioning.

The release magnet is a combination magnet that holds the mechanism in its cocked position using a permanent magnet. Unscrew the two black screws under the lens mount. The technique is to use a rubber pad pressed down against the button or, as I prefer, a latex glove stretched over the end of a finger, to grip the button and turn it. Note that the catch needs to be tight for it to work correctly just not too tight.


Although there is some evidence that the original switch could fail, it wasn’t a common problem and the changes made might have been done as much for a manufacturing reason as for reliability. Remove the backing paper and wet the adhesive surface slightly I use a licked finger of about half of the cover that will be nearest the lens mount. When looking through the viewfinder, any specs of dust that are visible and are sharpley focussed are on the top of the screen or the underside of the prism.

Before starting to release the flexi, remove the top and bottom covers, also the lens mount trim and the left hand looking from the front front panel.

Press the cover around the corner but not completely. The shutter can then be removed. This page was last modified on 17 Decemberat I generally use contxx adhesive covers but, if not, I use double sided tape to stick the covers on, applying it first to manuaal cover, cotnax trimming around it, then applying it to the camera.

Before removing the arm, note how the hair spring that protrudes from the arm engages with the indicator flag. The two later ones use open contacts and should be cleaned.

There are three screws holding the shutter in place. Unclip the plastic cover and cock the mirror see previous section. Reassembly is reverse order.