After scanning/creating a form from OmniForm and saving as a Microsoft Word ( RTF) file, the form does not look the same in Microsoft Word and. FormDocs is the most comprehensive and affordable replacement for migrating from OmniForm. This document provides instructions for converting both an Omniform design file and an How to Convert an Omniform Form to a Formdocs Form Template.

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If it needs to work with Reader, then those users will need Reader 11 and have a way to convert the images to PDF. Similar to Omniform Designer, the FormDocs Designer is the application in which you can create and edit form designs.

You can obtain a free trial of FormDocs by clicking here.

FormDocs offers Omniform users a migration path so that they can switch from using Omniform and begin using FormDocs, instead, with minimum interruption. For the upload image button, set the actions to be triggered on Mouse up a click and action on a run a JavaScript: I’ll use your information to see if I can make it work. Cost is based on the number and complexity of pages in the form and you can request a free quote by contacting FormDocs Sales. You can visit the Formdocs product website: Create 2 button fields.

On Mon, Sep 14, at 5: Is it just you, with Acrobat, that needs to add the pictures, or will Reader users be expected to use the form? Where can I learn more about Formdocs? You can not post a blank message. I am actually recreating the form that Omhiform sent you, using Acrobat, omnifofm I could not edit the “original” form and there were a few minor glitches that I wanted to eliminate, but I was stuck on how to create a fillable picture page.


How to Convert Omniform to Word | It Still Works

Easily scan, fill-in, and organize all your forms! Please type your message and try again.

Launch the Omniform software you have installed on the computer. One for the action button to “upload image”.

For the upload image button, set the actions to be triggered on Mouse up a click and action on a run a JavaScript:. Wait for the program to completely open, then click “File” followed by “Open. No, FormDocs cannot open Omniform files. OmniFormat supports all Windows formats from Windows 95 to Windows 7. This allows you to take files from just about any program, convert them, then open the files in Word as if the document had been composed in the Microsoft program.

All versions of Acrobat can import the images directly. The result is a FormDocs form file having the same look and feel and data content as it did in Omniform.

He currently resides in Lansing, Michigan where he works on independent film projects and writes for numerous publications. Or you can scan a paper copy of your form into FormDocs just like you originally did in Omniform. Omnifoorm is not compatible with Windows RT, a specialized version designed for small devices like smartphones. One for the image placement.


You can now easily open it up in Word and edit it as if you had created the file in the program.

How to Convert Omniform to Word

FormDocs also provides substantial improvements in file-size capacity, performance, and forms-automation features not found in Omniform. I’ll holler if I get stuck again! I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. On Sun, Sep 13, at 8: It’s important to k ow whether it needs to work with Reader, or whether the users cnovert have Acrobat.

This content has been marked as final. How can I convert my Omniform form design to FormDocs? Brought to you by Techwalla.

The following is general information about FormDocs: What are the conversion steps? Omniform is a free-to-use computer program that allows you to convert a variety of different word-processing formats. You should be able to find more information on how to use the buttonImportIcon method, but if you get stuck, post again.