Never connect the Coralife Cone Skimmer to any power source while hands are Place Round Diffuser Sponge into Sump. (). 4. Collection Cup. Assembly. Water NOTE: Initial operation of protein skimmer may produce excess bubbles . Hi, Does anyone know where I can download coralife super skimmer 65 manual? just bought a used CSS and doesn’t have the manual. The Coralife Super Skimmer includes a Needle-Wheel Water Pump. Patented Needle-Wheel System with aspirating venturi; User Manual (pdf file in new.

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How to setup a Coralife 65g protein skimmer? | Yahoo Answers

After turning the unit on, be prepared for a festival of micro-bubbles in the tank. Also that I only upgraded my tank a week ago can have an affect on the skimmer.

What kind of crayfish is this? Has anyone done the fishing line mod to the needle wheel? Probably a reef octopus paid in cash with a coralife sticker on it.

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I had this skimmer quite a few years ago. The worst thing these have are the “bubble traps. I am having the same problem with the newer version 65 where the collection cup just fills with bubbles and coralifee. There are some other changes that I want to make like making the drainage hole bigger on the collection cup but I want to have this protein skimmer really turn in before I start making changes.


I guess that you have a RIO or so running on that skimmer?? Originally posted by tripstank Has anyone tried putting a surface skimmer on theirs yet? Thank you Tyler, Your research is by far the best and most efficient in the whole web, even better than Coralife itself.

Selling and trading on ReefCentral.

How to setup a Coralife 65g protein skimmer?

Coralife super skimmer help. That is probably why you where having problems. Just to keep it free of salt? Many new reefers, however, get confused with the huge range of different options.

I adjusted the knob by the exhaust tube a little at a time, all the way for the lowest setting all the way to the highest setting on. It could take up to 48 hours depending how well you rinsed it.

I was going for the hang on back installation. Coralife super skimmer needle wheel up to 65 gal. Only thing I added was airline tubing by the return. I did notice that the overflow in the cup can happen often when tuning. What to do with my Coralife Skimmer?? Looks like you set it up exactly per the instructions. In this article, we look at the Super Skimmer series, the 65, and Gallon models.


I just wish they were a few inches taller in the activation chamber. Find More Posts by Loverotties. Its pretty significant though.

  JRC 2058 PDF

The decision on which skimmer to purchase depends on if you have a sump and if there is enough room for you to add a skimmer to it. However, everything on the skimmer is as high to the top as I can get it. This is what I found: My setup is in sump with the output going into my collection chamber. I never install the valve on any of the Coralife 65 skimmers the old ones that I have used or setup.

Wet or dry skimming is preference I think. CSS owner feel free to post your mods and fixes here. How to setup a Coralife 65g protein skimmer? I have just installed this skimmer for the 65 gal. For all you people with extra microbubbles or collection cup overflows, a fellow Canadian reefer emailed Coralife about their problem.

The air line leads to big jug in case this happens again. The pump needs to be within 2 inches of the waters surface, measured from the top of the pump. Bubble Issues with Protein Skimmer – 3reef Forums.