CR 1604 – VLZ PDF

VLZ. ™. 16 CHANNEL MIC/LINE MIXER. SERVICE MANUAL. Contents. Pg . . SIP R. PFL. SOLO. MACKIE CRVLZ. SIGNAL FLOW. VSD. Unlike my old CR, the VLZ Pro provides balanced XLR mic inputs with phantom power on all 16 channels. (A switch on the rear. Mackie CRVLZ Channel Mic/Line Mixer w/ ManualUsed, but in great condition. We used this board as our in-house mixer for our PA.

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Basically, the CR has all of the bells and whistles that you need and expect from an analog mixer.

All user reviews for the Mackie CR1604

The sound loses its momentum just by pushing a single low squence simple but rhythmic percussive trs. The updated versions addressed this issue and have 8 dedicated direct outs. This is your standard, run of the mill analog mixer. Some people I have spoken to actually mentioned that the highs on the newer onyx mackie’s can get pretty crispy and sound overly baked.

What is so special that you like most and least? Trs good manual, and document possible changes to the site Mackie. Having said this, on the plus side the CR won’t cost you too much money at all.

It’s basic but everything is The manual is clear and sufficient?

Yes The usual functions are they easily accessible? It allowed me to still use the inserts for compressors if I was recording a live show. The VLZ improved almost everything about the mixer, including real direct outputs, inserts on every channel, sweepable EQ, 4 busses, better monitoring control, and cleaner signal-to-noise specs. There isn’t anything out of the ordinary here, so those who know a bit about analog mixers will be able to adapt quickly to using this one. Vr I hear the crosstalk.


I ended up skipping that original cr Don’t have much opinion re the pres other than they’ve pretty much been good clean pres in live board duties all along and perfectly servicable in some live band tracking I’ve done.

Xr ‘s Mic inputs are wired correctly, pin 2 hot: Mackie best product to date preamps worthy of pro gear that!! A track when muted is automatically assigned to buses 3 and 4.

User reviews: Mackie CR – Audiofanzine

Lemme know what you think! Originally Posted by RecordingMaster. EQ make the service but do not really abuse it, unless its a typical search. Our 1640 also liked: They are decently clean sound enough where they will be fine for recording most things, although they’re certainly cg up to par with most mid and high end preamps out there.

Call me ignorant, but that just feels too “jacked” to work that way. Results 1 to 9 of 9. This “ring hot” wiring is completely backwards but thankfully this is the only time I’ve ever seen this! The popular original Mackie CR mixer is everywhere you turn, but few engineers know to watch out for a major wiring issue. No matter which device is receiving your mix, check how the cables are wired and be prepared with phase reversal adapters.

Was for a fair price so I will try the pre’s and see how I like em! There are also four assignable channels as well, with auxiliary sends and controls on each of the sixteen main channels. I’d have about 8 left over inputs on the Echo and I want a good 8 channel set of pre’s to feed into it.

I do not regret my 6104 Have you tried many other models before buying it? Wasted even more tape. Don’t know if your still looking for a mixer or not or, even if your still looking at that “old school” Mackie. If you use unbalanced plugs in this jack, it is wired “tip hot,” and the output is 6dB lower than the Balanced output.


Mackie CR Mixer Preamps good for recording? Other features include a pan knob and a mute button for each channel.

TRS is a good restaurant in its class, very compact routing capabilities, and it is his strong point. Because normally, on my Tascam, after taking up the line in jacks vllz my outboard pre’s, I’d use 16044 rest of the digital pres for larger tracking sessions like drums. I used 3 years in the late 90s and I have a resume because she left me good memories and use sound Which is why I upgraded mine.

I haven’t seen the manual, so I can’t say anything about its make up, but if you’re new to analog mixers it would be a good idea to have it around. The legends says that 16044 the first 2 albums were mixes of Daft on one CR and sister of the range.

Sold it about eight years ago and they use it with out fault to this day! As far as it’s preamps and all that go, they are clean and for anybody who doesn’t want to spend pro studio money — wants to get clean clear useable results you could do way worse then a Mackie.

The EQ sounds real and is generally pretty clean sounding Wrote a lot of songs on that setup. I actually vpz that board as well as the VLZ 3 updated version of it.