Synchronicity: the bridge between matter and mind by F. David Peat. Authors; Authors and affiliations. K. V. Laurikainen. K. V. Laurikainen. 1. ch. The problems of the psyche are now interesting people and C.G. Jung is evidently beginning to be understood. David Peat’s book on synchronicity is a new. by F. DAVID PEAT PhD Synchronicities are the jokers in nature’s pack of cards for they refuse to play by the rules and offer a hint that, in our quest for certainty.

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We all experience them, but few understand them. I fear my feelings, if reciprocated, would result in a failed relationship. Also looks at differences between Eastern and Western paradigms and how both are required to synhcronicity a full understanding of the universe.

Ideas on Synchronicity – F. David Peat

In his quest he comes to many of the conclusions McGilchrist would write in his book The Master and synchronicitg Emissarybut from an entirely different perspective. Three chapters are about Sigmund Freud pp. In conclusion, the book introduces a synchronistic dimension in which” mind and matter are not … separate … but unfold from a universe of infinite subtlety ” p.

It’s indeed an idea which is related to ” the question of the origin of life and the universe ” and which has ” occupied thinkers down through the ages ” p. This clock contains two discs, mounted at right angles to each other and rotating about a common axis. Sep 11, Jeremiah Oakes rated it it was amazing.


This is one of those provocative books that explores our indifference to why things are as they are Synchronicity, the meaningful coincidence. Heavy on the science side of davir synchronicity problem. Published October 14th by Bantam first published May 1st The trick is to find the meaning. This article has no associated abstract. Find it on Scholar.

Synchdonicity rated it really liked it Aug 25, Yet we have all experienced it at one point of our lives and were often struck by them.

Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind by F. David Peat

Several thick-necked caucasoidal men were loudly testayellerroning synchronlcity View all 3 comments. Jun 22, Craig Williams rated it it was ok. He has worked actively as a theoretical physicist in England and Canada.

Sinchronicities are a synchrnicity phenomena that is usually dismissed as selection bias or pure chance. Stephen rated it really liked it Oct 17, I found the collaboration between Carl Jung a This book is about synchronicity.

In his investigation of synchronicity Peat distinguished between purely chance events that have little significance within a person’s life and much deeper and more meaningful occurrences. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind

The book is theoretical and was tough at times a little over my head but the main message was loud and clear, synchronicity by definition is a meaningful coincidence, and can science be behind this? Peag of Probability in Philosophy of Probability Philosophy of Probability categorize this paper. I will say that it doesn’t put much forth in the way of scientific evidence for the paranormal. History of Western Philosophy.


What does any of this mean, if anything? No trivia or quizzes yet. Lange – – Mind This entry has no external links. Josip Tutavac rated it really liked it Aug 27, Fortune and the Prepared Mind. The author is a former theoretical physicist, and Wolfgang Pauli was a theoretical physicist, so many other physicists are mentioned in the book, for example Werner Heisenberg pp. Another useful metaphor is that of the speculum, as a mirror that reflects one world into dvid, yet belongs to neither.

Jan 04, Sherri Losee rated it it was amazing. Semantic Fields and Meaning: One of the best books on the subjects of interconnection of subjective and objective reality.

There are many references to others as well in the book. I have a crush on Pauline Caluya, but I am restrained from pursuing her.