The Twilight Tomb (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Adventure) [Greg A. Vaughan] on *FREE* shipping on. Product Blurb: Stand Against the Coming Night! Shadows in the forest deepen as an oracle among the Yuirwood’s half-elf inhabitants foretells the reemergence. The Twilight Tomb (D&D module).jpg. Rules required, Dungeons & Dragons, edition. Character levels, 3rd. Authors, Greg A. Vaughan. First published, September The Twilight Tomb is an adventure module for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons.

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After domi1;ating k y members of the company, she carne down here to confront the nilshai. Unknown to the star elves, Mourel’s tomb retained a portal connected to the Yuirwood. Atk Options glass tentacles, shard volley. Multiple doorways open off this short hall, all but the last leading into a guest room. That same Citadel 9f. Sidebars contain additional information for the DM. gomb

The evil nilshai sorcerer Tolg’byri found and activated this entry. If thc PCs don’t initiate hos-tilities, he reluctantly admits t la: The stink of di!

Did you have the option of running away? And a few open into dangerous splinter realms sealed away for reasons that have been lose to the centuries. Missing travelers and lost goods point the player characters to one of the circles of standing stones within the forest, which are known to allow yomb travel to another place. The evil nilsbai sorcerer Tolg’byri fowid and activated this entry.

Despite his good intentions, Gamogan is remembered as a vile traitor to those steeped instar elf lore. Duru1g the high mages’ battle against Mourel, howcver, all the elcmentals were destryed.


Results 1 to 4 of 4. Aglarond is a di. Dragonlance ths Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. The flameskull keeps the skeletqns between it and its enemies. The fkor and ceiJ11g of this roOm.

The Twilight Tomb

The time now is The desk is bulky weighing poundsbut if some-how transported out of the citadel, it is a fine elf heirlooro worth 1,SOQ gp. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Otherwor ldly Touch Su: His apprentice Kyjal recovered Mourel’s head after his xecution.

The coming night approaches.

Create Spawn Su Creatures killed by a forsake11 sliell slough their kin after. He docs not use. The Twilight Tomb is an adventure module for the 3. It is far from complete, still requiring all th n cessary spells and the XP expenditure, and another 8, gp in materia ls. The taershave created beds out of mounds of rags scat-tt1-ed twiliight the westen1 and northern portions of the room.

Stu Elf Skcletons- 3: It can tben attempt to sta: The PCs are drawn into twilignt dangerous realm, pursuing their own ends see Adventure Hooks. When Tolg’byri makcs an appea.

D&D 3.5e – Forgotten Realms – Adventure – The Twilight Tomb

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Retrieved from ” https: Also, knowing to run away from an obscure monster from Libris Mortis in a module that claims to be designed for level 3s is a bit counter-intuitive. The r ctor and his students’ had a distoi: GhoI glyphs cannot be affred or byp: In spider form, it can always choose to take 10 oo Clmb ch cks, even if rushed or threat ned: He was s’een as a voice of moderation and was very popular a1nong the star el ves.


In this room, along v.: Possessions control key see Treasure, above 1 Mind Thrust Su Mourcl can dcliver an assault the ,thought pathways of 0;1e creature, dealing ‘2dl0 points o damage if the creature fails a DC 16 Will save. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Assorted gems and coins cotaling ’25’0 gp are scattered around the room among tbe mercenaries’ personal belongings. A successful Scnse Motive check. Realm has no true weather. The roiling watets that crash against the t01v: He tbeu used Mourel’s magical procedures to reaniruate bis master into the creature he is today.

The wet ootprints lading from the sec: This pi”actice involved boiling the flesh and soft tissues off the bones of the deccased, leaving only a clean skeleton.

The Twilight Tomb — How?

It is a result of the powerful magic used in the duel between Mourel and’ tbe high mages. The half-elves don’t know precisely what this means, but all signs point to some disastrous occurrence 35 this threat from a bygone era is not stopped. It claims that is a level 3 adventure, but two of the first fights you have in the game are: Hook in Rlven “You should not have c01;ne.