Sure, I can give you a basic outline of the dhoop kinare story, although I The story revolves around the leads, Dr. Ahmer and Zoya Ali Khan. She was actually the director of Dhoop Kinare! The Story behind that is that Rahat Kazmi and Sajid Hassan were bored and hanging out and. Dhoop Kinare – Get movie reviews, story, trailers, cast, songs of Dhoop Kinare. Also get movie promos, video, photo gallery & box office report on.

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Credit for all pictures go to their uploaders. What happened to Pakistani cinema. She retains her carefree antics in the seriousness of the kinade life and comes in critique of Ahmer.

In less able hands it can be confusing. Today, where every second drama is about second wives, third wives or unfaithful men, simple devotion is just as romantic as any flowery speech. Immense respect from India. Soon they start to develop stronger feelings for each other.

Farah and Afzal in ‘Pyaray Afzal’ were liked by the fans too Today, where every second drama is about second wives, third wives or unfaithful men, simple devotion is just as romantic as any flowery speech. Dr Zoya Ali Khan is a young happy go lucky girl. Bano and Hasan sharing a moment in ‘Daastan’.

Drama of The Week – Dhoop Kinare! |

They were appreciated in Pakistan and their quality content was cherished over the border in India as well. You are commenting using your Twitter account. When Anjuman asks Asif to leave because of her promise to his bhabi. Ahmer then reads a letter his Baba writes to him before dying in which he confesses how leaving his own family daunted him so therefore he wanted to do good by his granddaughter as a compensation because he could never provide a shelter to his own daughter.


Ahmer that she can be a good doctor too. Exceptionally beautiful piece of research work done by Sadaf Haider and Sadaf Saddique.

And now in so many different cultures and religions, in fact in almost all of them, it’s bad or shameful to show stoey Pakistan is once again at a critical juncture of political transition.

Jul 24, Took me back down memory lane. Ahmer found a trusted friend in Dr.

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Nothing beats Dhoop Kinaray, absolutely nothing! Though sometimes, actions speak louder than words and give us a tangible insight into the characters feelings. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.

But every drama has its annoying second lead, and this was ours. Similarly in Humsafar, Asher’s sitting alone reading a newspaper a few years after Khirad has left makes it clear that he has not conveniently married Sara. However, soon Dr Ahmer finds out who Zoya really is and refuses to talk to her. She is unable to catch him. In the absence of physical proximity, the hints of ideas are usually what charges the relationships and the audience interprets what was not said Poet, writer, director, and dare we say renaissance man, Sarmad Sehbai describes romance more earthily: Pakistani drama television series Pakistani television series debuts Pakistani television series endings Urdu-language television programs Pakistan Television Corporation shows Television shows set in Karachi Pakistani medical television series s Pakistani television series.

He was only injured in the bomb blast and is still alive- which actually makes me very happy! We asked a few of the talented writers and directors behind some of these serials what magic pixie kinaree they sprinkle to make such scenes work: P and yes that is the shame i was talking about,in general sense When Ahmer demands her reasons for resigning, she tells him to leave.

Ahmer but he doesn’t consider her more than a good friend. So let me fill you in with some stories behind the show and also what happened to some of the people after. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The romance between Anji and Dr Irfan, and the parents who loved their daughters were all part of this universe.


Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar is renowned for his deeply romantic writing which brings the much neglected male protagonists to the fore. Often times simplicity is just more powerful. In the past, marriage and a happy life were once the ending to a story of self-realisation, now the wedding vows mark the beginning of a torturous process of misunderstandings with betrayal lurking around every corner.

Drama of The Week – Dhoop Kinare!

I also liked the other characters on the show. Ahmer is her boss. Which stories saw the the biggest audience in the last 12 months? This is the link.

Dhoop Kinare – Wikiwand

Hi I loved reading your article! She says she has her own transport thank you very much, but he does not want to hear anything about it. Great work you guys! Ahmer backs off from Zoya in shock, and, no matter how many times Zoya attempts to reach him, he has closed his heart once more. The political party landscape remains wracked with judicial complications and ongoing accountability pressures.

Romantic dialogues should be simple and touching,” she explains. I believed in their love because of the slow burn of it, and that is something that is usually missing in current dramas and their stories of insta-love. BOTH decision and timing are scarcely believable and will surely give more ammunition to those quarters denouncing In another story, Saat Pardon Mainshe shows a transgender man finding himself through the love of a girl betrayed by another man.