See the Best Books of the Month Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. Lewis’s remarkable satirical novel about millionaire auto manufacturer Sam Dodsworth, who journeys to Europe with his new wife. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this.

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In the last of what are generally considered Sinclair Lewis’s “great novels” of the s, Americans Sam and Fran Dodsworth travel abroad after Sam retires from the auto industry. Later on, when Lockert has made an indecent proposal to Fran, they depart for Paris, where she soon engages in a busy social life and he takes up sightseeing.

When you put it down, you will feel you’ve lost contact with some great characters, that you’ve really got inside a marriage, that you’ve seen life the way it can be. Sam continues to give in to Fran, tries not to be jealous, and tries dodsworthh keep his mouth in bounds, but we all know there is only so much grinding any human being can take before it evolves from being a teasing conflict to outright war.

Just finished reading this wonderful but nearly forgotten novel. She half stood up in the taxi, crying, “Oh look, Sam, look! Ok bad idea you are looking creepy and insane She’s doing her best to try to be happy I suppose; and Fran seems so certainly wrong.

Dodsworth, by Sinclair Lewis

To me a book about identity and just who do we sincclair we are and how do you define yourself. My first Sinclair Lewis. These bald-faced high white houses!

It’s also, in its own odd way, a romance told from the man’s point of view. I’m disappointed that her selfishness and pretentiousness and haughtiness is carried to inhuman extreme by the end—it goes beyond slowly revealing her for what she is as Sam slowly discovers it and turns her into a really unrecognizable monster, only redeemed by his baffling adoration for her—making the ending all the more troubling perhaps, but seriously damaging her credibility as a character.

He slowly comes to the conclusion that he’s cut loose from all the went before, but has no direction for the future.


I absolutely loved this book. Jun 21, Consuela rated it it was amazing. The trip gives both of them the first chance in decades to find out who they arethe common motif in literature and life of travelling to discover yourselfand they realize that they dodsworfh have much in common.

Dodsworth (novel) – Wikipedia

I liked the book. Since most of the book is from his point of view, it’s a g I’ve never read Lewis before but I have seen the movie based on this novel with Walter Huston. His prose is gee-whizzy rather than inspired and inspiring.

Sincliar go on an extended tour of Europe. View all 66 comments. I’d originally thought the book was about cowboys and Indians and boy was I victim of disappointment. Fran is his forty-something wife, and together, they are doing the Grand Tour of Europe. Dare I say that? Once they arrive in London, Sam tags along after Fran as she spins from one flirtation to another.

My long-time real friend, and Goodreads friend Emily always has excellent taste in literature and when I saw five Goodreads stars from her for this book I was sold. Breezy – yes – but more than “somewhat amusing” I’m not sure.

He takes up several possibilities, but is caught among the rocks of loving the wayward Fran, wanting to do something useful in the world, and needing love himself. Meanwhile the wife is beginning to reveal her dosworth. He’s finding himself more and more intrigued with “experiencing” the old world while Fran’s ability to do the same is limited.

That’s the treasure of this book in general, that it’s a snapshot of zinclair moment in history right before an unexpected period of tremendous upheaval, with none of the characters nor even the author even remotely aware that such upheaval is about to take place; note for example Sam’s ho-hum attitude towards the pre-power Fascists he meets in Europe, or how one of the biggest sources of conflict is whether Sam is going to accept the high-powered VP position of the new conglomerate at home next year, or blow another million on staying at five-star hotels across the Continent for yet another year, a much more historically naked treat than any revisionist “winds of change” novel written after the fact.

But here’s the thing. So much better than I thought it would be. Not many like her in Zenith Finished last night after a bit of skimming over the last 50 pages or so. Between you and me I thought I’d find the book boring or hard to get into. Tabitha True This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ Hi! They visit the sights in London and are invited by Major Clyde Lockert to join a weekend trip to the countryside. Whereas she stays on with her new love, he criss-crosses Europe in dodxworth attempt to cope with his new situation.


Samuel Dodsworth is a business man, a captain of the motor industry, a family man who really doesn’t know anything about his family, a man with a respectable lawn, an esteemed peer of the “right” clubs and committees, a Dodsworth, like Babbitt and Main Street and It Can’t Happen Here, is an essential American dodswoorth essential.

Strange that I should be so much more a partisan of Fran in reading the novel than watching the film I’d expect it in the film, that is, always being a partisan of Ruth Chatterton. She totally disregards Sam’s cheerful acceptance of a life he likes; his dignity and elegance of spirit escape her understanding. In this part of the novel author Lewis makes much of the many differences between the American way of doing things versus the European: If Sinclair Lewis wasn’t the greatest author of the twentieth century, he was damn close.

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Glad you appreciated it as much as I did. He had always been “too busy to be discontented, and he managed to believe that Fran loved him. Either way, Dodsworth as a whole was slow at times and much longer than it needed to be.

I’m familiar with the problem! Lewis’ fans in his own lifetime turned on him for this, but it’s time that we restore the respect and fame he deserves for being such an astute prognosticator; and with this copy of Dodsworth being auctioned at a deliberately low starting bid to encourage an actual sale, this is a fine choice for a collector who wishes to “beat the odds” before this re-lionization of Lewis takes place next decade. I know that Sinclair Lewis isn’t much appreciated today but that doesn’t apply to me.

This one’s a keeper, and I’ve read it several times since finding an old hardback copy in a used bookstore many years ago. I am going to the Crillon and have a decent tea.