The book Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications, Louis Dumont is published by University of Chicago Press. Documents Similar To _Louis Dumont – Homo Aequalis(1).pdf. Philippe Corcuff as Novas Sociologias. Uploaded by. Julia Coelho · DUMONT Homo Aequalis. Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications. 3. Homo aequalis . Dumont’s Homo Hierarchicus (), to some extent, revived the interest in.

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Homo Hierarchicus

You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores. Besides this, they did not have any access to Hindu temples, and suffered from various other disabilities.

World War II interrupted his studies, but not entirely. Cultural and Social Anthropology. But the part-whole relationship important to Dumont is not like that of one piece of a mechanical system to the whole system, it is a relation involving meaning. Indian civilization, to him, is a specific ideology whose components are in a binary opposition to that of West: He did not answer these questions directly.

He describes mainly three things: France-Allemagne et retourParis, Gallimard, Rights, royal and other, over the land Caste as the limiting case of known institutions This development ultimately freed economics from the constrains of both morality and politics.


Louis Dumont : Biography and Contribution to World Sociology

Now-a-days, a new garment or vessel can be received from anybody. They would have to stop taking for granted their social environment, and understand what makes dumonh particular.

Social ideas are ideas that must be understood in the overall picture of a particular society. He also learnt Sanskrit.

Louis Dumont’s Political Thought – Books & ideas

Tolerance and imitation Where, then, in this case, is the relation of the part to the whole? Rules Concerning Contact and Food Therefore, we consider him in the category of cognitive-historical and Indological.

Inat the end of the war, he came back to home. The opposite is between the principles of purity and pollution. How Should Politics Be Defined? This is a complete, theoretical work that helps us to access the vast body of available ethnographic data on caste.

Dumont broadened his audience by his works on Western aequalsi The presence of castes everywhere, he had said inwas a token of the cultural aequslis and distinctiveness of India. His analysis is based on a single principle, i. From onward, Dumont had lectured and written about caste. The French sociological tradition leads Dumont to stress the role of ideology in moulding human behaviour and, therefore, to bring together sociology and Indology.


Louis Dumont : Biography and Contribution to World Sociology

If you want to discuss this essay further, you can send a proposal to the editorial team redaction at laviedesidees. In fact, the readers who protest against the very idea of a holistic sociology are at odds with Dumont on this basic principle of his theoretical undertaking: A South Indian Subcaste: Dumont gave a Hegelian example of this doubleness of language. This is true in India and anywhere else. Therefore, the meaning of politics cannot be the same in a society that assigns a religious dimension to the royal office as in a society in which this office has been secularized or where this sacred dimension is preserved simply as a disguise to conceal the power relation.

That is why comprehensive sociology must be comparative, and must relate our ideas to those of other people with civilizations different from ours. The case of the Pathan of Swat Hierarchy of marriages and conjugal unions