Crompton Potentiometer complete setup for physics experiment. The slide-wire type of potentiometer described in the previous article is not a practical form of construction. The long slide wire is awkward, and. Potentiometers. Introduction. A Basic dc Potentiometer. Crompton’s dc Potentiometers. Applications of dc Potentiometers. AC Potentiometers.

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Construction and Working of basic slide wire dc Potentiometers.

Crompton Potentiometer | R & Company | Manufacturer in Sadar Bazar, Ambala | ID:

The measuring circuit current I m must be equal to 10 mA in order to produce a voltage drop of 1. To fulfill the diversified demands of our clients, we offer these products at budget friendly prices. There is also a single turn circular slide wire. A centre zero type galvanometer is included in the circuit to indicate deflection. The below figure shows the schematic porentiometer of a duo-range two range potentiometer.

This ccrompton the working current to its proper value. There is no slide wire. The figure below shows a separate standard cell dial incorporated in a single range potentiometer. If you have questions, then you can email me palakalaamarnath gmail.

dw crompton potentiometer pdf writer

Get best deals for coconut. Get Best Price Request a quote. In the above figure, the total resistance of measuring of the circuit, Rm consists of resistance of the main dial in series with that of slide wire.


Product Description Our company is devotedly engaged in supplying a wide assortment of Crompton Potentiometer that is designed using the latest technology. There is one dial switch with fifteen steps, each having a precision resistor.

Crompton Potentiometer Get Latest Price. The resistances of the middle dial ctompton two of the coils of the first dial. The value of unknown emf is read off directly from the settings of the dial adjust slide wire.

The main dial setting is kept nearly equal to the emf being measured. These Cromptom can be minimised only by special construction i. This instrument has two ranges: The standardisation of the potentiometer is checked again by returning the switch S to the calibrate position. Cromptoj of Business Manufacturer. Pktentiometer single-range potentiometer shown above is frequently constructed to cover a range of 1. The above requirement means that the voltage E ac in above figure remains the same for both positions of range switch S.

Number of Employees 11 to 25 People. However, for some applications higher precision and accuracy are needed, requiring changes in design features. This completes the standardisation process for the potentiometer.

The standardisation should be again checked after the completion of the measurement. The slide wire is provided with scale divisions and since the total resistance of slide wire corresponds to a voltage drop of 0.

Rust proof body Durability Easy to operate Specification: The long slide wire is awkward, and even for the length shown cannot be read to a very great degree of precision. Potebtiometer rapid changes in galvanometer the indication can be followed with ease which is impossible to take with conventional potentiometers.


The value of the compensating resistors is such that the resistance of ptentiometer potentiometer circuit, as viewed from terminals, where the unknown emf is applied, remains constant irrespective of the position of the sliding contacts. This textbook crom;ton Electrical and Electronics Measurements by S. You can download this article as pdf, ppt.

Modern laboratory type potentiometers use calibrated dial resistors and a small circular wire of one or more turns, thereby reducing compton size of the instrument. As the balance is approached, the protective resistance is shorted, and final adjustments are made to obtain true balance.

The slide-wire type of potentiometer described in the previous article is not a practical form of construction. Supposing the value of emf of the standard cell is 1. The selector switch S is put in the calibrate position and the rheostat is adjusted so that there is no current flowing through the galvanometer. Single range potentiometr using independent calibrating circuit.

The switch S is thrown to the calibrate position and the galvanometer key is tapped while the rheostat is adjusted for zero deflection on the galvanometer.