4. nov Users Manual Generator ECI FUEL SYSTEMS than 15 ethanol blend or biodiesel blends in excess of B USER MANUAL BG 20 ECI MUX. BG 20 ECI Home · BG 20 ECI Eci TelecomBg Bg and Bg overview of eci adm APC ECM-ECI Error Codes Ver Codigos de Error. BGB/E. Miniature Optical Service Access Platform. Targeting a range of ECI Telecom Transport Networking Division’s BroadGate BGB (Basic unit) fulfills.

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Working mode means the alarm log keeps collecting events. To retrieve alarm mask information for an object, select one or more objects belonging to the same card in the NE and click Get.

You must first obtain NE operation rights before you can perform this mxu. Click OK to perform the operation. Current Alarm View window – Filter Option tab For a Layer 2 Ethernet network to function properly, only one active path can exist between any two stations. To open an alarm log file: Generally, an NE optical interface in a chain and tree topology employs no terminal loopback. If the server trail XC is successfully deactivated, its status changes from Active to Inactive.

License purchase order format The Timing Configuration window opens.

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Alarm mask information is displayed in the Data Display area of the window. An NE should not fail to be connected due to a VC-4 terminal loopback. The generation time for both alarms and events is determined by the NE time. The selected record is saved as a file. The Card Max Traffic Setup window opens. The Orderwire Configuration window opens. The NE synchronous timing table is accessed through the main menu and the right-click menu of the NE.


Select the corresponding external references for the clock and click Apply to send the external clock references to the NE.

Others ,ux set to Blocking. The GVRP protocol can be enabled or disabled. In sending a task, click Stop to cancel the Send operation.

Performance Configuration window – Object Attribute tab This window consists of two tabs: If eck is, such a link is prohibited. The default is Auto.

ECI BG 20/30 MUX – (2-Days) – Cognitel

Cross connection is permitted in all other cases. These alarms include the link aggregation group alarm and the highest severity alarms of the member ports. Bg2-0 configuring an orderwire phone, make sure that the network topology is correctly connected. The Input Port tab displays the configuration for the four input ports of the NE.

In the Policer List window, select the policer to be deleted and then click Delete. Slot assignments for the BG are listed in the following table. The following figures show the BG shelf view and slot assignment, respectively. The NE equipment can select the reference with the optimum quality in this table as its synchronous timing source.

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The CID Table window opens. Export VPN List window Trap Manager Table window Select the Instance tab. The supported trunk modes are: To flush the vFIB: Autonegotiation is based on the following principle: Select an object in the tree. Click Apply and wait for a confirmation that the operation was completed successfully. Configuring the policer Policers follow the DiffServ model in order to ensure that the correct bandwidth limitations defined in the Service Level Agreement SLA between the provider and the provider’s customers are enforced.


When enabled, the NE performance-monitoring switch monitors the performance of an NE between the start time and the end time. Set Subcard Attributes window The bridge with the highest priority is the root bridge.

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The following terms relate to alarm log settings: Warm resets do not affect traffic, while cold resets do. Dci window for setting the LCT work mode as master Deactivate a client trail confirmation window When a client trail is successfully deactivated, it status changes from Active to Inactive. Input IP window 5. The MAC frame then enters the filter and switch processing. Each NE has its own clock that reflects the NE time. Enter the file name in the corresponding field and click Save.

If the number of selected timeslots is inconsistent or the timeslot selection does not comply with cross-connection principles, an error message is displayed.

Click Filter to display the filtering results. Please select the file for upgrading window