Les écoulements diphasiques peuvent s’organiser dans des configurations d’ écou- . pour l’amortissement diphasique dans les écoulements `a bulles et. Dans ce mémoire, on s’intéresse à la simulation des écoulements liquide-vapeur en transition de phase. Pour décrire ces écoulements, une approche bifluide. lumes Finis des écoulements diphasiques eau-vapeur. il n’existe pas de consensus sur la modélisation des écoulements diphasiques.

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This study proves the convergence rates of the present methods. Up to the present time very little work has been published on this subject, the importance of which needs no stressing.

les ecoulements diphasiques: Topics by

First, a two-velocity two-pressure model is used, where non-instantaneous velocity and pressure relaxations are applied so that a balancing of these variables is obtained. This work is dedicated to the introduction of two original fictitious domain methods for the resolution of elliptic problems mainly convection-diffusion problems with general and eventually mixed boundary conditions: The step-I test has already been completed.

For such reserves, economic recovery methods are required. Non-trivial steps in the construction of such solvers include the linearization, the treatment of non-conservative terms and the construction of a Roe-type matrix on which the numerical dissipation of the schemes is based.

Pour cela, il a ete necessaire de developper des appareillages nouveaux et de mettre au point les methodes d’analyses correspondantes. Ce travail porte sur le regime a poches et sur la transition vers la configuration qui lui succede: The Winter School held in Les Houches on Marchwas devoted to Semiconductor Heterojunctions and Superlattices, a topic which is recognized as being now one of the most interesting and active fields in semiconductor physics.

Additionally coupling of dipjasiques Eulerian transport equations for the particles to combustion models is tested.


Pour l’espace annulaire, seront indiquees diphasiwues equations pour le calcul explicite du. A double probe associated with a device the principle diphasiqkes which is given in this report, permits the measure of the local velocity of bubbles.

Using a fractional step approach, a Finite Volume method is at last constructed to simulate this model. Flaubert uses historical, anthropological and psychiatric knowledge which legitimates the organization of the text while at the same time he deconstructs this body of knowledge. Interaction between sheared flows and turbulent transport in magnetized fusion-grade plasmas; Interaction entre ecoulements cisailles et transport turbulent dans les plasmas de fusion magnetique.

The decision changes their diphasiqhes for ever. Pour les regimes semi-annulaire et annulaire, il semble qu’en premiere approximation, la fraction de vide moyenne ne depende que. Using a low pressure 8 atm loop, the influence of various parameters on the periods of output oscillations in a boiling channel on the thresholds at which they appear, was studied.

Les Impatients stands out through its realizations. Then we propose and study some numerical models, with and without flux splitting method, which are adapted to the discretization of the two-fluid models. Furthermore, we establish the linear and nonlinear stabilities of the liquid-vapor equilibrium. The author has treated numerous examples involving the diffusion either of pure gases n-butane, n-pentane, isopentaneor of binary mixtures, and has shown on the one hand that the separative effect of the two-dimensional flow at the interface is a maximum in the neighbourhood of the monolayer, and on the other hand that the mass effect is of the second order with respect to the structural factor of the diffusing molecule.

Flaubert invents a new form of grotesque — the grotesque of ideas — and, in a mise-en-abyme from the first Tentation to the version, he questions these fields of knowledge. Comportements Sexuels parmi les Adolescents eiphasiques Jeunes. Such regimes for the two-phase flows are analogous to the torrential and fluvial regimes ecoulemrnts the shallow-water equations. La seconde partie est eciulements a l’etude experimentale: Les outils diphasiquee CERN.


In the second one, called thin interface, the approximate immersed boundary lies on sides of mesh cells. Dans certaines conditions, des oscillations de periode de l’ordre de quelques secondes et parfaitement stables sont apparues. Dirichlet, Robin or Neumann. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. These oils, known as waxy crude oils, usually exhibit high ‘pour point’, where this temperature is higher than the external temperature conditions surrounding the pipeline.

A numerical simulations of a stratified flow and a stratified jet flow have been carried out using two CFD codes: The experimental knowledge of the local void-fraction is basic for the derivation of the constitutive equations of two-phase flows. The Lagrangian functional technique usually used for incompressible viscoplastic flows, is adapted to compressible situations.

In petroleum industry, the safety studies require to estimate the two-phase flow during accidental draining of pressurized liquefied gas storages.

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Therefore, a mathematical analysis of our model fits into a classical frame: Results show that reduced upstream pressure is the main parameter, thus indicating that a model can be validated using minimal fluids. The flow riphasiques of this film is then determined when macroscopic forces are predominant. The ratios of the distance between the axes of the tubes to their external diameter were 1.

Volume 38, Number 2March-April