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I have only gotten positive feedback. September 16, at 4: When you get thick, you will start to get strange wrinkles in the knot which are hard to pinch out.

After contacting them they apologized and said they would send an extra tie. I have referred quite a few people to this site that were interested in these knots. At the time I worked with them they seemed to be reliable and legit. Still no ties tried to contact them again they will not answer. Timber Hitch The timber hitch is used to secure a rope round a post or any cylindrical I believe I purchased this tie a while ago while shopping in some department store.


If you do nobody will doubt you about this tie! Your email address will not be published. How to Tie a Tie: However the inverted orientation does up the ante. The length should end up identical to a double windsor knot.

So, fun plot twist: It is just as symmetrical as the Windsor but that is eediety the talking point of this knot. The diagram below would help you in that respect.

Merovingian (Ediety) Knot

Less is more, people. Related Articles Eldredge Knot. October 28, at It will turn heads. Striped Ties — Striped ties look great with the layered fabrics. These ties are amazing. Instead… only try to realize the truth.

Merovingian/Ediety Knot

It really brings out the narrow end. Each different tie type brings something special to this knot. Geezuz that has nothing to do with actual edeity. The story behind the knot, about 4 years after I invented it a 20yr old american decided he invented it and posted a heap of youtubes.


It looks like you put two ties together, like the idea….

Note the spelling — ei. Leave a Mnot Cancel reply. Sometimes paisley really looks outstanding when layered this way. It is striking for sure. Stripes also create a very cool effect. Your email address will not be published.

You have to have imagination to wear these and walk with confidence. Requires severe tweaking at the end, but looks absolutely spectacular.