With the upcoming re-release of Eisenbach Gap from Lock ‘n Load for me to initially wrap my mind around the rules, terms, and concepts. World at War Box01 Storm the Gap World at War Box02 Blood and . update for a while so that I can get into the game with streamlined rules. Since Storming the Gap includes “older editions of Eisenbach Gap”. Got some Eisenbach Gap Deluxe begging to be played! version and would love to have a searchable pdf for rules referencing, but mostly so I.

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Rules : where ? | World at War: Eisenbach Gap | BoardGameGeek

Will there be any graphic update on the counters? Geek Market Trades Geek Store. They have a number of other interesting titles on tap […] Reply. One of the outcomes of that was a game I had in the back of my mind for years. Posted on 03Feb08 Updated on 26Jan GeekGold Bonus gxp All Supporters at year’s end: Abrams units with HQ recover from disruption.

Each formation has a dedicated HQ unit. This is an easy way to simulate limited ATGM ammo as well as reload times.


They have an entire reinforced tank company …. David HeathMar 27, The rulez cover self-propelled mortars, thin-skinned vehicles, support weapons, ranged combat, opportunity fire, ATGM depletion, assault and overrun combat. X-Wing 2nd Edition Star Wars: Notify me of new comments via email. If you find a place where you can get the rules that is not the game box, I will apologize on national television and announce that I am dropping out of the race. Definitely will be purchasing the reboot.

It is perfectly legitimate to want the rules before you buy the game.

World at War: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe Board Game

Of course play is what is most important and it is here that WaW: The game came out of a desire to see more depth in th…. I supported because… “I support for the extra Geek Gold! In fact the easiest way to describe […].

Tags separate by space: Unfortunately they are also some of the thinest cardboard counters you will find in any wargame. One game that includes all the components of both the original Eisenbach Gap and Death of First Panzer. Units straying out of command need to make morale checks to act and lose the benefits of the HQ.


This is a quick and clean system and simple tweaks handle complex rupes such as ammo-depletion of AT-missiles. Yankee HQ is reduced and the two Abrams units underneath are disrupted. BlueOnBlueMar 19, Units within command can be activated with the formation and the HQ unit can help rally units and aid in combat.

Leeboy24Keith Tracton and Karazjo like this. As a newbie to WaW, I appreciate it.

The View from the Turret

Major KesslerMar 22, The biggest issue with the thinness is that it makes the counters rather difficult to pick up even with tweezers. Future expansions should only make this game better.

Along with the change to a more historical precedent, will real world geography i. One scenario includes an air assault operation and special rules handle the helicopter insertions with a minimum of fuss.

Red Hammer has a more contemporary look to it.

The war is raging on and now it is […].