ejabberd is the de facto XMPP server in the world. The fact that it is used to power the largest deployments in the world should not intimidate you. ejabberd is. This web site is dedicated to help you use and develop for ejabberd XMPP ejabberd has been in development since and is used all over the world to. Clustering relies on Erlang features and Mnesia shared schemas. Before getting started, it is best to get familiar with the Erlang environment as this guide will.

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If not, it is sent to the s2s manager. However, this file must NOT be included, as it’s already included in xmpp. This means you can start, stop and perform many other administrative tasks in a local or remote ejabberd server by providing the argument —node NODENAME. Let’s create an additional node ejabberd02 and connect them together.

Messaging applications require to transfer more than text messages. The memory consumed is measured in words: Currently the following data is imported: Metadata Every stanza element has meta field represented as a gulde. You can either use an external tool for log rotation and the ejabberdctl command reopen-log to reopen the log files, or the ejabberdctl command rotate-log to perform both steps please refer to section ejabberd Commands. By default, full decoding is applied, i.

Advanced ejabberd Administration | ejabberd Docs

Path to the ejabberd service log file. This is a fast method to execute a handler, however, the drawback is that it blocks the caller. The access rule configure determines what accounts can access the Web Admin and modify it.

While it may work across regions, it is recommended that ejabberc run an ejabberd cluster in a single Amazon region. The best method to add new functionality to it is to write a new module. One-to-one messaging Store-and-forward offline messages Contact list roster and presence Groupchat: This module is the main router of XMPP packets on each node. In this example you should point your web browser to http: In some cases the rules can be gujde, but the reason doing so should be really weighty.


Then you can open http: This path is used to read the file. This number defines position of the function in the list to maintain execution order.

The correct code will look something like that: Instead of specifying a list of allowed commands, commands option can have the all value to allow all commands. The authentication information is provided when executing a command, and is Username, Hostname and Password or OAuth token of a local XMPP account that has permission to execute the corresponding command.

Welcome to the benefit of Erlang hot-code swapping! With thousands of more or less official forks, the core ejabberd team, supported by ProcessOne, is constantly monitoring and reviewing improvements. In order to inject a sub-element into or delete one from arbitrary stanza one can use xmpp: So, the name of the Erlang node changes if you change the name of guie machine in which ejabberd runs, or when you move ejabberd to a different machine.

ejabberd Clustering

The fact that it is used to power the largest deployments in the world should not intimidate you. This function makes some initialization such as logger, mnesia, configuration file, etc. We use our 15 years of experience to filter the best ideas or improvements to make sure ejabberd is always your most solid choice in term of scalability, robustness and manageability.

Calling to other functions is not recommended. The most notable functions in this module are: The connections to other nodes are hidden not published. The full list of supported protocol and extensions is available on Protocols Supported by ejabberd page. By default ejabberd rotates the ejabbefd files when they get grown above a certain size.

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You can configure some of them with the file ejabberdctl. The internal session table is backend-dependent and is implemented in the corresponding backend module: Luckily, there is a helper function for sub-elements decoding, described in the next section and in a lot of cases it’s more convenient to use it. For doing this it looks up the routing table and if there is a process Pid registered on this domain, ejabberd routes the stanza as Pid! Those commands can be defined in any Erlang module and executed using any valid frontend.

Note that the sub-element is still in xmlel format. This command requires less memory than restore. Maximum number of Erlang processes. The Debug Console is an Erlang shell attached to an already running ejabberd server. There is a plenty of examples of modules: Now you can finally start ejabberd: This is the standard Open Source version that everyone loves: Managing an ejabberd server ejabberdctl ejabberdctl Commands Erlang Runtime System ejabberd Commands List of ejabberd Commands Restrict Execution with AccessCommands Web Admin Ad-hoc Commands Change Computer Hostname ejabberdctl With the ejabberdctl command line administration script you can execute ejabberdctl commands described in the next section, ejabberdctl Commands and also many general ejabberd commands described in section ejabberd Commands.

It is intended to make some module cleanup: That command-line allows you to gather metrics from ejabberd to be able to monitor what is happening in your system, understand and even anticipate issues.