Español: Monolito mexica, llamado Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada por Alfonso Caso, y del que cree puede ser una representación a escala de un templo o el. Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada, front 22 Tied 2 Acatl glyph on Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada 23 Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada, left side 24 Teocalli. Teocalli is Nahuatl for temple or sacred house. This stone model represents a staircase plinth with side rafters finished with dices, an element typical in.

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Did the Aztecs try to convert conquered peoples? The pre-Columbian ballgame survives today in Sinaloa Each element is a source of energy and life-force but can also be one of destruction.

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Personified knives dressed as Mexica gods. What happened to the nobility after the Conquest? Retrieved from ” https: Who was Prime Minister at the Conquest?

On the sides of the pyramid section of the Teocalli sit two pairs of figures carrying copal bags, maguey leaves, and tobacco containers. You tecoalli help Wikipedia by expanding it. This is, perhaps, a Huitzilopochtli representation, patron god of the Mexica people with solar and war associations.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. How teocalki the Aztec army provisioned and how did they treat wounds? Generally speaking, the Teocalli is representative in form of Late Post-classic temple architecture and sculpture. Below this, facing upwards, is a depiction of the earth deity Tlaltecuhtlinext to which are military equipment representing warfare. Where are the codices today? Red paint on Aztec stone sculptures. State and cosmos in the art ed Tenochtitlan.


Can you identify this object from the Florentine Codex? How did they make colourful costumes? Good resources for learning Mexica writing. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Who exactly were the Chichimec people? Arceologist Laurette Sejourne puts forward an interesting idea. Also, Umberger identifies this date as being more immediately associated with Huitzilopochtli than Tezcatlipoca Umberger, Dumbarton Oaks, Trustees for Harvard University.

Aztec artifacts Mesoamerican stone sculpture Mesoamerica stubs. Can you suggest good books on Aztec music?

I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:. You Contribute Can you help? Together, the dates refer to both mythical events of the past as well as the beginning of a new cycle. The structure itself invokes the form of of a pyramid with a temple at its summit, perhaps modelled after the Templo Mayor itself.

What did the Aztecs call the Spanish invaders? Did the Aztecs paint their canoes? They put that snake in our modern flag to signify victory over the indigenous people if you ask me, or they just plain old misundurstood the concept. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat Can you tell us anything about the Aztec God of Good Health?


What does Temaxcalapa mean? On the back of the sculpture is a depiction of an eagle on a prickly pear cactus similar to the coat of arms of Mexico. Nahua Women and the Spanish Conquest.

Teocalli de la guerra sagrada – unknown — Google Arts & Culture

Can you identify this poster? Disco de Chalco Created around the same time. Did war shield symbols represent cities?

Views View Edit History. Was Xochiquetzal a female Aztec warrior? On the right side of the disc is a depiction of an imitator of Tezcatlipoca. He argued that these cosmograms did not represent mythology, but rather represent the sacred nature of the Mexica as a whole. Caso identifies these four figures as TlalocTlahuiscalpantecuhtliXochipilliand Xiuhtecuhtli.

Teocalli de La Guerra Sagrada

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aztec women painted their faces a beautiful yellow. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. How big was the Aztec Calendar Stone? Guess what English children think a Mexica chocolate whisk is! How did the Tocalli make molcajetes?