El Testamento Maya/ the Maya Testament: Steve Alten: : Books. Aquí si se evaluan varias teorias acerca de los Mayas y sus interpretaciones. El Testamento Maya By Steve Alten is about the Maya calendar and the Maya .. y el dia de la independencia, obtienes este libro el testamento maya, un libro. The Paperback of the El testamento Maya (La trilogía Maya #1) by Steve Alten at Barnes El prisionero del cielo (The Prisoner of Heaven).

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Mass Market Paperbackpages. Lists with This Book.

All the giant amazing monuments built by all of our previous ancestors were not built by them. He is alive for the first chapter of the book then he is dead. Dominique is a psycologist, she has Maya ethincity from part of her mother.

Somehow failing economy and the possibilities it creates with new world order s seems scarier than a nuclear holocaust. I felt as though certain aspects were dragged out more than they needed to be.

Jaya someone help wn with this book? Feb 26, John rated it liked it Shelves: While away Julius confesses his love for her, they are happy get married have Mick spend years searching for proof that aliens exist. I wanted to read at least one ” Apocalypse” testamentto before Dec I am so forgetful and I wonder if I have read this before Definit Overall, enjoyed the book, too much detail in some areas, too much waffling in others.

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But he got tired of searching for aliens and decided to go work in the real world, the fool. Be that as it may, when all is said and done assuming you have finished reading the bookwhether you like it or not, you will have learned plenty about the history of the Mayas, have plenty of astronomical specialist knowledge, and have had explained in detail, by a madhouse inmate and main character of the plot, how this all supposedly networks with a long foretold end of the e scenario.


Lo pongo nuevamente en mi TBR. I don’t like spaceships. Once the focus was shifted to Mick and the actual thriller part was embraced, I could see why people could–some would–like this very much.

Steve sold his car to pay for editing fees.

El Testamento Maya/ the Maya Testament: Steve Alten: : Books

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Alten manages to take facts and theories behind the Mayan calendar and blend them effortlessly into a storyline that is gripping, fascinating, action paced and believable. Her opinions swing back and forth over whether Mick is truly crazy so fast and so many times she would be able to power my computer. This book was surprisingly good!

The main character, Dominique, drove me crazy the way she constantly switched allegiances and allowed herself to be talked into doing or believing whatever the other characters wanted her to. It is then revealed that they were all on limestone deposits and that tedtamento going off would have made CO2 levels rise to extinction level.

She is a confident strong independent woman who will go a long way in making us feel that maybe equal rights and representation is starting to happen.

Apr 07, Stefan Svartling rated it really liked it. Dec 05, Ed rated it really liked it. Second, to remain accessible to his readers. Unless she’s bought every single test and article she’s written for her professors, her first plan of alte towards Mick’s hallucinations would be to verify the facts from independent sources. Psychology Dominique Vazquez is assigned a special patient-Mick Ga.


Self driving cars, well he was off a few years but got close and some other technological items. However, too much politics and details in my opinion.

He has spent the last decade or so in a mental hospital. It had ignited in me an intense curiosity of the mayans and their prophecy and i started learning all i could about both which led me to learning much more about the ancient world and its amazing structures.

Changed the way I looked at the Myans. Testamnto Business Service for business customers. People die, people cheat, people get elected to office.

Yes the book starts off with dinosaurs being wiped off, particularly a group of velociraptors take that Chricton, by an alien ship crash landing into the earth. Julius believes the sites of the ancients, placed all around the globe, represent ancient pieces of a puzzle linked to the salvation of our species.

He has spent t I started reading this after reading the MEG series and I have vague memories of reading and hating it when I was younger so I expected to dislike it.